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Treason by Ann Coulter
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Nov 26, 09

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Read in November, 2009

Before I begin I want to say I bought this book [the hard book no less:] for $2.70. I know I could have purchased a candy bar or better yet had two spins on a 25 cent quarter video poker machine! I am not a fan of Ann Coulter and almost dislike the far right conservatives almost as much as the far left liberals [well maybe not almost but I can't stand listening to the filth of either side:]. Both sides see everything as black/white or right and wrong. Most everyone I know [whether they call themselves a Democrat, Republican- or say they are a independent:] are moderate and have [some:] common sense. Neither of the far left or right seem to have an ounce of common sense and refuse to listen to reason.

Now that being said, I enjoyed some of the book but other parts I felt may have been exaggerated and with the usual razor sharp tongue of the author. She covers a 60 year period in her book starting with Alger Hiss and ends with the times after 9/11.

I had to laugh at her accounting of the airport security after 9/11. I certainly have done my share of flying since 2 1/2 weeks after 9/11. She mentions that since the security employees can not profile they will strip search granny. I saw this happen when they pulled my 87 [at the time:] yr old gray haired 5' mother over and empty all her carry ons and do a body search on a flight from Little Rock to New Haven!!! They didn't strip her, but as I watched them scaring the little lady to death I saw lots walk thru that I hoped weren't going to be on the same plane! COMMON SENSE People!!

I've been saying for the last 10 years that we don't really know the truth about anything that is going on in the world [political that is:]. Where do we get unbiased news? The newspapers and television are so slanted to the left that you will only find out what they want you to hear. And the movies coming out of Hollywood are so slanted left they are impossible to watch! And I won't even go into the lower intellect 'stars' telling us how to think, but this book has a great chapter on it. Talk radio slants so far to the right that again you will only find out what they want you to hear. Even my silly little mystery writers [who mostly lean left:] have to muck up their enjoyable plots with a dig at the Republicans!! Finally after giving up on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC I joined the ranks of the viewers of Fox News Channel [BUT only certain programs:] to hopefully get a little unbiased news. If I watch Shep with the national news I don't get opinions as I do from Charlie, Brian or Katie on their news programs.

I have friends that get most of their news from the internet and heaven forbid emails!!! Now that is scary. What I found also scary is Coulter comments that liberal authors are the ones who write the textbooks and our school children are going to be reading their version of history. She mentions liberals give credit for the cold war ending to the Democrat presidents before Reagan. I had to laugh. Now again my Democrat friends have common sense and would never make such stupid statements, but then again will our great grandchildren read that Harry, John and Jimmy ended the cold war??? SCARY!!!

Most of the far lefties and far right are extremely intelligent but why God didn't give them any common sense or the ability to listen to both sides of the big picture and reason is beyond me!!
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