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Godless by Pete Hautman
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Dec 09, 2009

did not like it
bookshelves: english-420

Genre/Category: Required Reading, religion, water tower, cult

When a high school boy decides to come up with his own religion to worship the town's water tower, things get a little out of control. First, his best friend takes it too seriously. Then, others begin to take over the religion and do things their own way. Finally, one boy falls off the water tower and the truth about their "secret" religion is out.

Because I'm not sure what Hautman was really trying to say about religion in general, Godless left a negative taste in my mouth. In many ways, it poked fun of beliefs that a lot of people hold sacred to them. I disliked the few references to Mormons, making us look more like a cult than a religion. Also, I disliked the idea of taking something made-up and going too far with it, possibly injuring others along the journey. There didn't seem to be any resolution in the end, and I disliked the main character more than before. I was surprised that Hautman departed from the traditional YA novel, where the parents (or adults in general) are the "bad guys." Instead, the protagonist's parents are the only reasonable people I see in the entire novel, making it a little frusterating to read.

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