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4 by Jess C. Scott
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Nov 25, 2009

really liked it
Read in November, 2009

I enjoyed majority of this book.
Jess C Scott has skilfully captured the immature language of young people that are bored with life, open about their sexuality and their passion for dropping designer names into the conversation at any opportunity. Testament to Jess, I personally found the characters lack of maturity annoying at times, spoilt young people, trendy and full of their own importance.
We can blame our boiling blood and fever on Jess C Scott’s creative writing, warranting the 4 stars. To sum up the book in one swoop: Sexy, hot, explicit and an epic blog.
1. Black Velvet
It appears to me that a girl doesn’t know she’s gay and hence is very confused.
She is bored with life and fantasizes a lot and blogs about it too.
If you enjoy reading blogs, then this story is interjected with electronic conversations that is LOL in places, but spoiled the flow for me.
2. Wicked Lovely
I liked the clear diary concept of switching between characters. Sibling love apparently is confused and misplaced as both Julie and ED struggle with their emotions. A Little psychiatry may have helped the two unfortunate characters.
3. The Devilin Fey
I liked this one a lot.
The romance between demon and human excites problems for both. Fey finds her new gift gives her an advantage at times. The romantic compromise is one-sided and Lucius knows the outcome before Fey delves into the dark underworld. Devilishly delicious.
4. Tongue-Tied
A voyeuristic succubus with a duty to please the sexually unsatisfied women of the world. A female demon with jealousy and a fixation is dangerous, as you’ll find out in this great little story.
5. New Order
I was amused by this pungent little tale of an unexpected meeting while attending an unwanted venue. If only Aunty Regina knew why her nephew disappeared for a time, returning with a smile.
6. Status: Married
Two young ladies relive and explore their school friendship, but does the husband agree? Does it all come to a satisfying conclusion? Mmm, nice.
7. Oral Fixation
I liked this funny little story of the young man that finds a replacement for his ex-girlfriend. His choice is clear, if you look hard enough, the solution will come to you.
8. The Gift
A rich and creamy story of a couple that bond and engage in a tie-me-down bedroom sport.
9. Appetisers
I’ll be honest and state that I skipped these poems. It is my problem, I’ve just never liked poems. Sorry. If the poems here are anything like the rest of this book, then I’m positive that others will enjoy.
10. 4: Play
Four young adults explore their feelings, sexuality and love for each other. They try to find out what makes each tick. What their secret desires are and bring it to the front. Jess C Scott shows that, what you write in blogs and show in your body language, can sometimes show your true self.
Keep up the great work Jess.

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