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Eragon by Christopher Paolini
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Feb 08, 2008

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An orphaned boy is raised by his uncle and discovers a power he didn't know he had. He leaves home to learn about this power from an old master after the farm is destroyed by agents of evil. Along the way, he discovers more about his own parents that brings into question his heritage.... wait a minute... haven't we heard this story before? Is anyone else waiting for the James Earl Jones barritone "I am your father" declaration?

Seriously now. Aside from Eragon being another cookie-cutter novel in the fantasy genre, it does show a fair amount of potential. Especially when you discover on the inside of the dust jacket that Mr. Paolini was a mere lad of 15 when he wrote the story!

The story centers on the young farm boy, Eragon, and his discovery of a dragon egg that hatches into his beloved jewel-blue dragon, Saphira. Of course they get chased by bad guys. What kind of fantasy novel would it be without that? Of course people die. Come on, that's the recipe! There's swordfighting, magic, elves, dwarves, dying declarations, feverish escapes from harrowing situations, impossible battles, and a unique dragon/human bond.

All in all, Eragon is the beginning of a trilogy that I think shows enormous potential for placing Mr. Paolini among the great fantasy writers. His ability to effectivly follow the age-old plan for this genre while infusing his own fresh, new ideas shows much promise. I look forward to the sequel.

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Walton I'd love to include part of your review in a book I am writing about Eragon, if that's ok.

Sabrina You may want to read my review of Eldest before making certain you want to use me. I hated the sequel.

Walton It's a sort of background book on Paolini and the book of Eragon so I'm doing a survey of the public reaction, positive and negative. I thought your opinion was pretty balanced.

I thought this bit: His ability to effectivly follow the age-old plan for this genre while infusing his own fresh, new ideas shows much promise.
was quite nice.

I'm actually reading Eldest right now and while the writing has improved in many ways, I do think it needs some serious work!

Sabrina Then sure. I appreciate you checking with me. Good luck! :)

sauda I love you Sabrina I didn't know why the heck nostalgia didn't, like it I was shocked but Sabrina you understand about the book so you like it

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