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The Umbrella Conspiracy by S.D. Perry
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Jan 14, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: people who liked the games or people who like horror

This book is the first in the series and is based on the top selling video game. Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, Jill Valentine, and Brad Vickers, members of the Alpha S.T.A.R.S ( Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) team in Raccoon City, are dispersed to find the missing Bravo team. On their way out though, Jill is stopped by a man named Trent. He gives her some information and some clues to help her out. Jill doesn't know why he is giving her the information but she takes it just in case. When the team arrives at the Bravo crash site they encounter a horrer beyond imagine. They find refuge in the "abonded" Spencer estate. The team splits up to find out what they're up against and to try to find a way out. Will they be able to get out? Or will they die to the horrors that await them in the mansion?

This book would fit under the genre of survival horror. This was a very well written book and had very little errors. One of my favorites part of this book was the fact that it changed from the different view points of the characters. One thing I didn't really like though was that it didn't exactly follow the storyline of the games. The language in the book gets grafic at times, but that is what makes it more interesting to read. Near the beginning of the book, when Trent gives Jill the clues and map, it foreshadows that she will encounter puzzles and she will be in a house of some sort. There are many suspensful moments in the book. One is when the Alpha team has to run away from the horrors in the forest. It is a fast paced chase scene and it makes you want to read so that you know who makes it to the mansion and who is killed. Altogther, this was a very well written and because of it I have gone on to read the rest of the series.
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Matt Rivera damn good review man! im a huge fan of every thing resident evil an have been wanting ti read the book but couldnt get my hands on the for some reason.. ive finally start this one and am looking for the rest! thanks for the awesome review!

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