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Nov 06, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from October 22 to 27, 2011

It took me a long time to pick up this book and start reading it because I LOVED The Book Thief so much. I was scared to be disappointed and let down because I didn't believe anyone who has written a book that good could have created another book that's good. Weird logic? Bet it makes sense to some of you.

Zusak's love for stupid humans (we are all stupid in a way) is evident, and characters and what happens to them in The Messenger are both funny and beautiful. As I read about Ed, Marv and others (let's not forget the Doorman), I felt like I was busking in light shone from Zusak's soul and love for us all. There was something about this book that put a tiny smile on my face throughout the book apart from the obvious sense of humour.

You notice changes in characters and pick up tiny clues along the way as we read any book, but only with books like this one, we careful readers are rewaraded later by authors' pointing out exactly what we have sensed. I LOVE authors like Zusak.

Some stuff that happens isn't pretty just like in the real life, but Ed, despite being passive as he was, doesn't flinch away but looks directly at it, feeling every emotion without self-pity despite the circumstances. He had a good heart and soul to start with, and I enjoyed the changes in him (view spoiler) as the story progressed, especially his attitude toward Audrey. (view spoiler)

So as you can see I was engrossed by the characters and their journey. And THE ending happens. What do you do? (view spoiler) This is the only reason why it didn't make it to my favourite list.

Some of my favourite quotes are:

I didn't know words could be so heavy. (p 228)
(This reminded me of The Book Thief!)

She stops, and her expression reaches such a point of beauty that I nearly cry. (p 274)
(I would ditch my partner for someone who can take such a notice and feel so much! :D I almost seriously fell in love with Zusak with this line.)

"It's the person, Ma, not the Place." (p 306)
(There's more after this line, but I'll save the rest for you to read.)

After this book, I will buy any book that comes out with Zusak's name on it.
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10/22/2011 page 14
4.0% "I like the sense of humour in this book. Similar to the one I found in Jasper Jones."
10/26/2011 page 80
20.0% "LOVE!" 2 comments
10/27/2011 page 208
52.0% "There's a coat of humour on every page. The plot's very intriguing and the words come into me so so smoothly."
10/27/2011 page 241
60.0% ""The power and the glory." *cry a little bit*"
10/27/2011 page 399
100.0% "My head started spinning at page 381 and I had to reread the last bit to get what it all meant. Now I'm covered with goose bumps." 6 comments

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Aleeeeeza ahhhh i love zusak so, so, so, so much. i think he's my favoritest male author, EVERRR.

i had to read the last bit a few times too, before i could wrap my mind around it. i still find it slightly confusing, but overall the book was bloody brill.

Reynje I really love this book too :) It's so different to the Book Thief, but still so touching and authentic.

Choco I love him too! I agree it's very different from The Book Thief, but the authenticity and love for the characters and humans in general are there. I loved it.

message 8: by Choco (last edited Nov 06, 2011 09:59PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Choco And sorry for keeping editing and adding to the review! It's now about 30% longer..

Aleeeeeza oh, those quotes = LOVE.

Shirley Marr Well said Choco - there is something about Zusak's writing that makes me smile through the whole book too, you captured that sentiment perfectly in your words:)

Choco Thanks Shirley! It means a lot coming from you :)
I love his writing and can't wait to read The Bridge of Clay (thanks for all the updates in your review btw!). Meanwhile I might have to read the Wolfe Brothers series!

message 4: by Mel (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mel Great review Choco - I'm so glad that you liked it. The thing I love the most about the end of The Messenger is that it shows he is prepared to take a risk and try something different, and I think that is what makes his writing so special.
And, yes, you HAVE to read his other books while you wait for Bridge of Clay, (I think that one is still going to take a while).

Shirley Marr Dear Choco, I am glad you are enjoying my stalking of Markus Zusak updates on Bridge of Clay :-) But as that will take another year to come out... you must take your own advice (and Mel's above) and read the Wolfe Brothers... off you go then! Make sure you read them in order :-)

Choco @Mel - I can see Zusak takes a risk and I love that in authors (Melina Marchetta's the same, isn't she). When I understood what it all meant I had goose bumps for 15 seconds straight, so I definitely liked the ending. Like you said in a different comment section, I just wished he could have taken the time (for whatever reason he couldn't) to make it perfect like he's capable of. I'm so glad you recommended the book to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have read this until much much later!

@lovely Shirley - I can't believe you managed to make Reynje make a Ronan Keating face!! I will go off to read this series after Stolen: A Letter to My Captor, two books in the Chicagoland vampires series and Psych Major Syndrome (a readalong with Reynje).

message 1: by Shirley (last edited Nov 07, 2011 05:38PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Shirley Marr I am totally hanging for the Choco/Reynje readalong now!

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