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You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming
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Nov 21, 09

bookshelves: spy-fi

** spoiler alert ** If you've seen the movie by this title....you have Absolutely no idea what the book's about.

Bond not in such good grace with the secret service and still trying to recover from "what happened" at the end of On Her Majasy's Secret Service Mis considering offering him "retirement". Hummm, but instead renumbers him 7777 and gives him an extremely difficult assignment, go figure.

Bond carry's it out amd in the time of it does what takes most people almost a life time to master...becomes a master of karate, judo, staff fighting, and learns to use Yoga for mental discipline. Pretty good as he does all this is a certain amount of secrecy while also hiding from M and the secret service that he's found Blofeld.

With the help of a Japanese woman named, are you ready, Kissy Suzuki he infiltrates his objective and in a duel kills Blofeld. Unfortunatelyhe gets a head injury and comes out of it with amnesia...original huh?

Kissy then takes Bond away and nurses him back to health...without telling him who he is, see, she wants to keep him. Bond who has been learning to act and look Japanese (there is talk of makeup, but apparently something else took place as having lost his memory I assume he won't know to put the makeup on everyday). (Everyone "back home" in England assumes James is dead)So he is living with Kissy as a Japanese fishing/merchant. Kissy gets pregnant and is planning to tell Bond about it at "the right time" hoping he will marry her. The book ends with Bond wondering about his memory (having seen a Russian city mentioned in a newspaper he finds it familiar). We never actually find out if, if Bond finds out, about Kissy's pregnancy.

This is the third and last part of the Bolfeld trilogy. it is also the last book of the series published in Fleming's life time. The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy and The Living Daylights (short stories) were published after his death.

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