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Lionclaw by Nancy Springer
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Nov 21, 2009

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bookshelves: childrens, fantasy-or-syfy, historical-fiction
Read on April 03, 2012

For a such a short book, this certainly has a lot of character development all around. The wild boy gets a name, Lionel becomes brave (braver?) … Overall, a sweet, well written and good story from the Springer’s world of Robin Hood. It fleshes out the characters from the first book, even though this book is incredibly small and shorter in comparison.

I admired Lionel’s devotion to Rowan. I admired all of the Rowan Band’s devotion to her, actually. I’m a little curious as to if Lionel is just really grateful for all Rowan’s done for him, or if he has a crush on her. This wondering led me to realize how unrealistic it is that a bunch of young teens could survive in a forest. Even with Robin Hood himself dropping in from time to time. (By the way, when Robin left for that other forest… Yeah. No father would just leave his young, thirteen-ish year old daughter in the woods. I don’t care how independent she is in his eyes.) And… again. Teens living in a forest. Teens. That’s asking for trouble.

Truly, I enjoyed this book. It fleshed out the characters well. If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll probably like this one if you don’t mind the focus of the book switching to someone else.

Warnings/heads up/what’s in this book - some cursing. No f bombs, but still cursing. Very mild, though, considering this is a children’s book. I was surprised there was cursing at all. There is also the whole “follow your heart” thing which, if you don’t believe in, might irritate you. Nothing in here felt like it needs any rating higher than PG.

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Lauren I thought crush! Haha, just cause when Etty (or Rook forgot which one)asked if he could kill anyone. And he said for Rowan yes, but for anyone else i don't know.. And when he was so heart struck by her nearly dying.

With them being young teens remember this is medieval time period. Young boys their age either knights, warriors, or making money in some way. Girls usually off and married by 12-17 years of age. That Robin left her was months too surprising plus he thought he was drawing guards away from her.

Grace Lionel is a total sweetheart, if I remember correctly since I read this book last year. :P Thanks for reminding me about how he said "yes, for Rowan." That's rather condemning, haha. Maybe he did have a crush on her!

I was a bit confused reading the last portion of your comment...? :)

Thanks so much for the comment, though! ^_^

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