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The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel
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Dec 13, 09

really liked it
bookshelves: 2009
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** spoiler alert ** In this epic novel Ayla is now on her own and travelling north in search of her own kind. She notices winter is soon approaching and looks for a cave.

She finds one in a most bountiful valley (the valley of the horses) here she must stock up on grains and food so she can make it through the winter. She decides she needs to hunt something bigger, so she figures the steppe horses would be her target. After setting her pit trap and reveling in her victory she finds a foal orphaned by the mare she has just brutally slaughtered for dinner and jackets.

She adopts the baby horse. Her and the horse become best friends and do everything together (Ayla does not realise she is in fact training the horse to do what she wants, she just thinks the horse is very nice and helps of her own free will) like riding long distance, hunting, transporting epic bounty back to the cave.

Meanwhile some blonde hunk of man beef (Jondalar) is travelling the country side with his younger brother (Thonalon) following The Mother (a massive mother of a river) just to see if they can follow it all the way to its end. Lots of destiny fulfilling shenanigans ensue.

Thonolan meets the lady of his dreams, marries her and decides to become part of her tribe ending all further travelling endeavours and then tries to make babies with her. She unfortunately doesn't carry any of them full term and then dies in childbirth.

Meanwhile Ayla is soldiering on in isolation, then happens to adopt a baby cave lion and names it Baby. It is her Baby and she loves it and cares for it and nurtures it into a whopping great beast, that doesn't mind if she pushes him away from a meaty antelope or deer or whatever he is snacking on so she can get some.

Thonolan is so epicly devestated by the death of his great love he decides to keep travelling. Jondalar is so love filled for his brother he is obligated to follow him to the end of the world if necessary.

So whislt hunting a lioness decides she wants the deer Thonalon just killed, but him not caring whether he lives or dies anymore follows it to it's secret cave lion hideout. She leaves and he goes in thinking he can retrieve his spear and a deer steak. Ooops!! Extremely wrong decision.

Baby brutalises Thonalon to death as a good cave lion should, then while Baby is severely wounding Jondalar, Ayla just happens to be passing by and jumps in to the rescue saving the first human she has ever seen.

After getting Jondalar back to her cave and stitching him up they have issues communicating. Ayla eventually starts to learn his words and then has her recurring dream then miraculously wakes up knowing how to talk like an English graduate. They learn from each other and shenanigans.

After Jondalar overcomes his disgust of Ayla being unclean and filthy nasty yukkness from living with the 'Flatheads' (the Clan, from the previous book) and giving birth to her little abomination Durc. He falls head over heels in love with her, because she is so freaking awesome and ridiculously beautiful.

The book ends with some awesome 'Pleasures'

All in all I liked this book a lot. It did get a little draggy in thee middle switching between the two plot lines because you knew they were going to merge somewhere. I just wanted the merging already! Luckily my patience won over my impatience because it was definitely worth the ending. I can't wait to get a hold of the next book.

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