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Controlling IBS the Drug-Free Way by Jeffrey M. Lackner
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Nov 18, 09

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This book was recently cited in an article on women and gastrointestinal distress in More magazine (October 09 issue, I think).

IBS is pretty much a catch-all generic term for people who suffer chronic gastro-intestinal issues without a specific known cause. A lot of (well, surprisingly more than I knew) people deal with these issues, especially stress related. The theory is (thanks to some extrodinary people who've allowed themselves to be tested in ways most of us won't let our doctors even suggest) IBS patients have a higher sensitivity level to pain and a more sensitive/touchy enteric nervous system (a seperate nervous system that controls your digestive system - your gut has it's own "brain," so to speak).

The book does not specifically claim to be a cure, but it does claim that it hugely reduces symptoms of IBS and helps people who are struggling with it get their lives back together. As with any book that promises great changes, it's hard not to be skeptical.

Even so, it is still chock full'o good information, skeptic or not, and definitely worth a library read if you have an interest here.

The opening of the book goes over causes - genetics, psychological trauma, stress, hormones, fight or flight, etc.

The middle of the book is a 10 step program for recognizing symptoms and managing stress/anxiety. It goes over keeping track of symptoms, relaxation techniques, etc.

The end of the book covers medications, dietary info, and other related odds and ends.

My impression is that this is a catch all book that pretty much covers the spectrum of what an IBS sufferer experiences, why it may be happening to them, and how to try to manage those things. Even if the book does not significantly help the IBS issues in someone's life, it may help with stress management, and give a few medication options to that person. Thumbs up, here.

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