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The Shape-Changer's Wife by Sharon Shinn
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Nov 18, 2009

really liked it
Recommended for: fans of The Last Unicorn

If books have kindred spirits than The Last Unicorn and The Shape-Changer's wife are true bosom companions (as orphan Anne of Green Gables would know it). Shinn's book had a love story that meant more to me (the only aspect of 'Unicorn' that doesn't totally own my soul is the love story), as it is a love story about freedom (the only kind that matters). Took my breath away it did. Beagle himself endorses the book on the cover (the same quote appears on most of her subsequent publications). I've seen authors endorse rip-offs. I'm not the least bit cynical about this instance: Shinn's work evokes Beagle's much as his own did Robin Hood, and other childhood fantasies that meant the most to you when you were young, and needed it the most. (I still need it, will probably always need it. I've heard it said [by someone famous, can't remember who] that musical tastes stick in place at the age of seventeen because that's the time you need it. That's sooo not true of me. People who no longer care probably never cared much to begin with...

My fellow goodreaders are right that the hero figures the mystery out slowly. That didn't matter to me. I love this book because I had that feeling that what matters most to me matters to another person. It's not about owning anyone else! So simple.
, right? Anne of Green Gables bosom companion style. When I'm depressed and overwhelmed by the suckiness of people around me, I remind myself of Peter S. Beagle's awesomeness to feel better. Shinn can join that list. Her ya Truth-teller's trilogy is stellar (especially the first two, and especially the second). Archangel is really good and has a perfect ending (George-Michael Bluth says Freedom 2010). Her thoughts on what we owe other people as far as truth and communication mirror my own. Plus, it's the coziest of comfort reads. Those are hard to find. Why can't they say THAT on book jackets? "This book will make you less lonely..." Or "happy". You don't have to change who you are to be with someone else books.
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