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8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber
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May 31, 10

bookshelves: fiction, romance
Read from May 29 to 31, 2010

Teri & Bobbi... are having triplets... naturally...

and Teri's sister, Christine & Bobbi's friend & driver James are working on their own attraction. Christine realizes she loves James, but when he sends her away when he was hurt, she assumes the worst... and James wants to be with her, but doesn't know how to express it... Teri arranges a dinner part for the four of them, but James declines when he realizes Christine will be there... but then her car won't start so she goes to James for help... She gets angry with him and starts to walk home... James follows and when he realizes her foot is hurt, he picks her up... they come to a truce, and he kisses her twice. They have dinner together, and Christine tells her about her poor record with men, & James accepts it, and expresses himself with kisses... Then Christine finds out that James was a chess prodigy as a child & had an emotional break down... Bobby had continued to be friends with him & though he would not play chess, he became Bobby's all around man... Just as the article in the paper comes out, James leaves a message for Christine saying he was going away for a while, and he gave notice to Bobby... where is he? will he return?

Linnette and Peter are getting closer... Linnette is helping with the opening of a clinic in Wyoming?... and Pete is patiently waiting for her to be ready for a relationship, and being a friend in the mean time... It ends where he declares that he'll be marrying her, and it was time to meet her family, and since he could tell she really wanted to go home for Christmas, he's going to drive her home.

Rachel and Bruce ... are getting married... and Bruce's daughter is having just a little trouble adjusting = saying that when they kiss she feels like they don't remember she's in the room... but with a little discussion, and when she thinks =she'll be homeless, then she enthusiastically wants them to marry asap.

And Olivia has breast cancer.. the lump is removed, no spreading of cancer... and she suffers from an infection that puts her back in the hospital... but by the end of the book, she was feeling better - even though knowing that chemo will be starting. Jack is being the best husband caring for her that he can be...

Faith and Troy... Troy can't let her go and tries to reinitiate a dating relationship... Faith is resistent, though her growing friendship with Troy's daughter Megan gives her a deeper understanding of Troy.

A newer family... father died within the last year... mother is a fabric artist... brother is 1st year at college... daughter, natural artist nurtured by mother &father... but very angry at father's death... when Sean approaches her, & shares his ametuerist art, she finds a reason to go on...


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