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Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
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Nov 17, 2009

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Read from June 30 to July 01, 2010

This series has turned into a solid 3 star rating for me. I like it, but I am concerned with the direction Harris seems to be going. I miss the simple little mysteries and love triangle. I don't like all the new characters and I am so confused with all the new Lore. I am not going to give a synopsis as I think somebody else can do it better (and actually I read the last 4 books in a row so they story lines have overlapped in my mind). I will say that I wanted a LOT more Eric and I was very disappointed with the hawt scenes. I mean come on this is why we read Sookie right?? I wanted to read about Eric in all his hawt glory, they were finally together so I thought this book would be loaded with great steamy scenes. Unfortunately all we get is very quick one that I wouldn't even consider sexy. Harris spends more time describing Vampire politics, classifications, and Fairy relationships. I am still trying to figure out how Sookie is related to all these creatures and my eyes literally glazed over when Eric was detailing his vampire system. And of course poor Sam gets left with the strange ass kicking werewolf. Why does he always go for the bad girl?? I am totally team Eric and have never been a Bill fan but OMG she has also killed Bill! I mean not really but he is now old and withered. His strength is non existent since his attack with the fairies but come on give the vampire a break! Hopefully in the next one he is healed by his sister and he can go back to normal. All in all this was an okay book. I am really hoping that Harris goes back to her simpler formula.
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Tatiana I see you are finally up to date on this series!:) It has permanently settled into a 3-star category for me though. It's a high time to wrap it up IMO.

Crystal Yep it took me forever but I am caught up! Now I just have to catch up on the show lol. I am with you on the 3 stars. I like them and want to read them, but I am not agreeing with the direction she is taking. The Fae stuff was too out there and not needed IMO. Plus and I am not a Bill fan, but she has completely obliterated him. I mean he is all weak and old now. I wanted WAY more Eric steamy moments too. I am hoping that the next one deals more with Eric and her central characters instead of all these new ones. Where she is going to go next have one of the numerous babies be half vampire or Were?? LOL!

Tatiana The Fae stuff was foolish and juvenile IMO, she had no grip on it. Agree about Bill, he seems like a dying grandpa now.

To be honest, IDK what I am hoping for in the next book. I have no idea where Harris is going with this series. It's just like a soap opera which I can't bear to abandon:)

Crystal I am still lost on the whole who is related to whom and the whole family Fae tree. Seeing as how most of them are dead now I guess it really doesn't matter LOL. It does have a soap opera feel to it and I too am now hooked lol. How many more is she planning??

I will post a review tonight =P

Tatiana That's right, I am confused about fae too, those triplets had such similar names...

I've read somewhere she is contracted for 13 books.

OK. I'll be waiting:)

Crystal Wow what could she fill 3 more books with?? Hmm I just don't see enough material for 3 more, I guess she will go into the Were politics.. Eric also lost me with all the vamp stuff. I glazed over all of the divisions and to tell the truth I still don't understand the king and queen stuff. It all seems to complex for a book about a barmaid lol.

Tatiana I have no idea what you are talking about. It just went over my head:)

Crystal LOL =)

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