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Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones
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Nov 17, 09

Maggie Montgomery is a cinematographer for a travel show. She has traveled from Paris to Cambodia and her travel show became number one Travel TV. When she unexpectedly received a call from her Father asking her to come home, he is in desperate need of her help, she realized it was not skydiving that she feared, it was going back home.

Ivy, Texas was a place she left as soon as she could and she never looked back. It held many painful memories since her Mom's death when she was in 11th grade. Maggie and her Dad did not get along and to many secrets were long buried in Ivy. With the agreement she would only stay for two weeks, Maggie climbed in to her rental car filled with comfort candy and drove slowly back home. What could possibly go wrong in just two weeks?

Upon Maggie's arrival she found that her sister had run away and left her 10 year old niece Riley in the care of their Dad. Riley was out of control and would not listen to anyone around her, at home or at school. Maggie knows nothing about raising children--she never even babysat while growing up--and now she had to help her Dad with this unruly child. Maggie found the only person Riley opened up to was the local Veterinarian Connor. Unfortunately Connor and Maggie butt heads. Maggie, while growing up was the wild one at school, and Connor was the president of the Math club. He did not trust her and Maggie wanted to only rely on herself.

Forced to stay longer than she anticipated and finding herself going from one mess to another, Maggie is left wondering if she can trust God with her life. She was on the top of the world with Travel TV and now God is placing her in a situation that may reorganize her whole life. A life she never even dreamed of to begin with.

Just Between You and Me by Jenny B Jones will have you laughing out loud. Riley will crack you up with various antics and Maggie who has had no experience in child rearing with make you chuckle. This a fun, romantic book but one that will make readers ask, Do I trust God with my fears? And have I really surrendered all of my life to Him?

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