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Prophecy and Change by Marco Palmieri
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Nov 15, 2009

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bookshelves: science-fiction, star-trek, short-stories
Read in January, 2004

This collection of short stories about characters in the “DS9” 'verse written by professional writers has better and lesser stories. “Ha’ mara” by Kevin G. Summers is set immediately following “The Emissary” on Bajor. Sisko, Kira and two children are trapped in caves under Ashalla monastery. In “The Orb of Opportunity” by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels Kai Winn asks 14 year old Nog to open a safe containing a Bajoran orb. This adventure leads Nog to question whether profit is his motivator. In “Broken Oaths” by Keith R.A. DeCandido Bashir and O’Brien are miserable and won’t have anything to do with one another after Bashir tries to rescue some Jem ‘Hadar from their ketracel white addiction and O’Brien destroys his research so they can escape. Their friends try to get them to reconcile, but it’s only when they stop acting like little boys and just talk that they do. “Three Sides to Every Story” by Terri Osborne Jake the writer and Ziyal the artist bond over their famous fathers, become friends and part of the resistance during the Cardassian takeover of DS9. “The Calling” by Andrew J. Robinson is confusing, taking place on Cardassia, on Earth and in an ancient place of Cardassian visions – or did it? Garak is asked to clarify his role – is he a politician, a spy or a tailor—I can’t tell. Perhaps he’s all three and it’s not necessary or advantageous that he change, or be clear.

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