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Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer
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Nov 15, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: nonfiction, 2009
Read in November, 2009

I gave this book 5 stars, not because I necessarily agree with everything the author says, but because it challenged me and made me think more than any book I've read in a while. The author, a vegetarian, examines the way animals are raised and slaughtered as well as the moral implications of eating meat. He really did present many different perspectives, from being an "ethical omnivore" to a vegan or vegetarian. While there was a definite agenda to the book, I was impressed by the variety of perspectives presented...a vegetarian cattle rancher, a PETA activist, poultry farmers, a factory farmer, slaughterhouse workers. All of these voices presented slightly different views and slightly different responses to a very flawed and unjust system of food production. The author, while a vegetarian himself, seems to understand that vegetarianism isn't the only response to the ethical problems of eating animals in the modern world, although he may think it is the best one. The one thing he sees no room for moral ambivalence is the cruelty of the factory farm system, an idea with which I have to agree.

After reading this, I do want to change a lot of my eating habits, not become a vegetarian, but I want to eat ethically raised meat and support alternatives to the factory farm system. I don't think there is anything inherently immoral about eating meat, as some contributors to this book argued, but I do think there is inherent immorality in the factory farm system, especially after reading several graphic accounts of this system in Eating Animals. I'd definitely recommend this book. It's challenging to read in many ways, but challenging in a good and necessary way.
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Rachel Great review, Becky.

Wishing you a lot of wonderful, healthful meals as you work to eliminate factory-farmed meat from your diet. Since 99% of meat consumed in America comes from factory farms, switching to "no more factory-farmed meat" will be difficult, and I applaud you for trying! It's awesome that you're willing to change your eating habits to live according to your values, instead of just ignoring the things you care about.

I'm not sure if you eat at fast food restaurants, but if you do, that would be an easy first thing to cut out. Almost all the meat at fast food restaurants is from factory farms; however, it's easy to avoid the need eat fast food when on the go. When traveling or rushing around carpooling with kids, etc, remember you can bring things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, bananas, and carrots to munch on ... those things are inexpensive and take almost no preparation time. People would save a ton of money if they switched to PB&J sandwiches instead of swinging by the drive-thru!

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