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The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 4 by Judd Winick
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** spoiler alert ** Part 1: Barry tells the story of how he and Jeremy first met and became friends. Jeremy inadvertently turns baby sitter into an ape. Sara gets sent to another dimension and when Barry and Jeremy follow, she is 10 years older and a warrior. "considering his attention span now, imagine him at five. He was like a hummingbird on crack."

Part 2: Barry finds out Bezeruul brought him to this dimension. He gets the eye of Tenak. Barry agrees to fight so that Bezeruul won't turn evil. "-You guys aren't tough enough to be prison bitches! You're not even the pussies that prison bitches beat up and rape! You phlegmbags are the sissies who get reamed by the guys you get reamed by the prison bitches! You are bitches thrice removed! Fuckos!"

Part 3: Barry rescues Bezeruul. Goes back in time to saves Sara and then breaks my heart. "We're releasing a highly powerful corrosive I made. Seawater and eight kinds of fungus. Who needs electricity when you're got chemistry." My inner nerd is gleeful!

Every last bit of Barry Ween is amazing. And so I wait for more...

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