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Just Like Bossy Bear by David Horvath
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Nov 13, 2009

it was amazing
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some children's books teach lessons: the cat in the hat teaches children never to let strangers into their homes, the velveteen rabbit warns kids not to get sick or everything that they cherish will be burned to a crisp, the giving tree teaches children that they can even wrap trees around their little fingers and demand and manipulate, and nature will just bend over backwards. bossy bear teaches a similarly chilling lesson: when bossy bear's little friend turtle starts learning from his bossy behavior and starts demanding candy and crayons and favors from other animals, bossy gets threatened and must insidiously attempt to change turtle's behavior or risk having to share the goods! so he subtly eases turtle's bossy behavior by example, making sure that he remains bossy, but teaches him to be bossy only when there is no material gain involved - training him to be bossy for the forces of good: to bossily demand that others "have a nice day!",or "watch your step," and bossy bear can remain the bossiest of self-involved bears and never have to share his candy. you sly manipulative bastard...

bossy bear!
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Sebastien I'm a fan of anything related to bears. This looks cool.

karen this is the second bossy bear book - be sure to read the first one or you might get lost in its complexity.

Sebastien Thanks! I would've kicked the crap out of myself for making such a mistake.

Just did a google search, from which I figured out you can even buy a bossy bear figurine:


I like him. What a fun discovery.

karen yes! i have a green one!
this is the guy that created the uglydolls. for some reason, they speak to me.

Sebastien I think this author could also find a niche audience with with a book on Nazi bear. Basically a more extreme version of bossy bear. The Gestapo figurine would also come with truncheon and a mini-torture kit. Never too early for kids to learn that life = pain

Joking, joking of course.

Sebastien Oh nice! didn't realize he did the uglydolls. Great creations! Trying to think if I need these books. I think the answer is yes. Unfortunately that will mean that I will get so wrapped up in this character that I will need the figurine to complete my happiness.

karen well there are always these bears, too... i have a broad range of collections - from cute to this:

[image error]

Sebastien hahaha, nice! I did it, I ordered the bossy bear books b/c I know I will love them. I restrained myself though, did not order the figurine. I hope bossy bear doesn't attack me when he arrives.

karen as long as you give in to his demands, you will be all right. trust me - i know his mind...

message 10: by Chris (new)

Chris Karen, do you remember the Little Miss books? We still have them and they also taught lessons. I loved those books! I think Autumn will enjoy them too! :)

karen oh, yes - i still have a few of them here. theres actually a few new ones, but they arent as good as the classics. i always did like little miss trouble...

message 12: by Chris (new)

Chris Me too! LOL Also Little Miss Messy, or was it Mr. Messy? :)Or I could be delusional and just made that up!

karen i think it was mr messy. he was a pink squiggle. so many relatable characters!

message 14: by Chris (new)

Chris I will have to read all of those again! :) I got Autumn a few books for Christmas too, Cat in the Hat was one of them, along with the stuffed cat to go with it.

karen ah... shaping young minds...

message 16: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Lol...

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