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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
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Nov 13, 2009

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** Stephenie Meyer works her way into my "reading heart" once again. The book was amazing, and I am left wanting to read more. What a surprise. I learned a couple things about my character likes and dislikes, and I thought this book was much more complex then Twilight and New Moon. But still, as always, breathtaking and addicting.
Going back to reading the normal life she had at the beginning of the book of Twilight, it felt nice to actually read some of the normal life she had.
I was absolutely disgusted and about to burst when Edward decided he wasn't going to let Bella go see Jacob. Since when was that Edwards choice? I realize he was trying to do the right thing but...I still think he should have let her go as much as she pleased. Which is why I am glad he did finally allow her to.
At first I was angry at Jacob for kissing Bella the first time, but as the story went on, it seemed to fit in the story. I almost passed out from laughing when Bella punched him and broke her knuckle! And then Charlie tried to teach her how to punch!! I was cracking up! I was surprised that Jacob just told Charlie that they kissed. And that she punched him. I thought my mouth would drop to my toes. Especially how Edward and Bella hadn't said a word about the number of times they kissed. Maybe Jacob was proud. But on the other hand, Edward is a much more quiet guy. Well I think atleast.
I think it is weird how desperate Edward was to marry Bella...and what Bella wanted in return. They were so close you would have thought they were married if you just came into town and saw them strolling down the street (weird I know but live with it).
During the end of the story I began to hate Edward more and more, and (I am hoping it's just a phase and I will get over it, because he is the main character in the story) And as my liking for Edward went down, my liking for Jacob went up. He became less annoying, and kept wishing she would pick Jacob over Edward, especially after she found out she loved him and they kissed (a real kiss this time) a second time.
It's really too bad that Jacob got hurt in the end, and the 2nd to last chapter literally made me cry. From everything of the Bible example, and Jacob always being there for her was really was emotional, especially since I had come to enjoy him so much. I really wished she had picked Jacob over Edward, but that's not my choice. Plus I guess the story wouldn't be as good if she picked Jacob, because there would be nothing to say, plus Stephenie dug herself into a whole of deep love with Edward and Bella, and she didn't really have a choice. Everybody saw this coming, but it feels I was the only one trying to avoid it.
I was so surprised that Edward gave up the marriage in the end, which makes me believe that a huge reason he wanted to marry Bella was so he could seal the deal and do away with Jacob, which brought him down again in my likings for him. I was extremely surprised when Edward was giving Bella what she wanted, and that she refused for now. Why? The story was kind of weird to me then, and, I don't know what to say about the ending, other then I was crushed that Jacob wouldn't be around as much. Overall, the book was great. I really enjoyed and am very excited to read Breaking Dawn next. This book was a definite, goodread! :)

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Jackie I thought you were still reading New Moon? If you are reading Eclipse I will bring the book to school Monday or Tuesday but then you have to remember to bring New Moon for me!

Eryn Hey Jackie! I finished New Moon a couple days ago ~ and I already have the book checked out from the library so there is no need to bring it on Monday! I am also sorry that I can't bring New Moon back quite yet because I still have to look up all the unknown words I found! But I only have like 20 left so it shouldn't be long. Ok ~ white lie, but really it won't be long! :)

Jackie oh no it's fine! Keep it as long as you want but you still have to give it back! hehe!

Eryn NO! YOU'LL NEVER MAKE ME!!! LOL JUST KIDDING!! JUST KIDDING!!!!! haha but sure I am almost done!! :)

Becca were reading that since NOVEMBER???????? What happened to Eryn the speed reader?????

Eryn haha no no no! im REreading it!

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