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Island by Aldous Huxley
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Nov 13, 2009

it was ok

I can see what's being done here. I enjoyed un picking the philosophical references and notions: the slight philosophical 'feel' of the book: the evident exploration of the possibilities of life - both good and evil, the need to 'attend' to that which we would rather bury - the 'inner journey' of Will Farnaby's character and so on. And I enjoyed certain passages of the book and some of the language, though generally I find Huxley's writing very dry. In all honesty, I found this book rather tedious and typical of Huxley writing. I have never really liked or taken the time to appreciate his views on life, I find them equally inconsequential, dull and a little naive at times; especially his beliefs on how the world 'should be'.
His ideals, are often incorporated into his work. I think they are most definitely present in Island, and this might be one of the reasons why I just couldn't meet with its ideals, or take much of it seriously. I don't regard it a philosophical book - and if it is, its very 'easy' philosophy. Personally I think this word has been brandished around too much, and has too often been associated with books that appear to ask 'the big questions' when really they don't. Philosophy, seems to have lost some of its real meaning. Perhaps a tiny segment of philosophy was explored in this book, but that really is all. I think it proves the author's imagination to be broad, very detailed and complex; it also proves his interest in drugs, in particular LSD and so on, through which he liked to explore his interior psyche, his 'inner depths' or whatever fancy lingo you wish to give it. I personally think, you can explore your inner psyche in a much deeper and more profound way without the use of mind enhancing or hallucinogenic drugs. I think they separate you from yourself in a way - yourself is never just 'you' is it. But this is by the by. All in all, Island was an okay read. I'll never read it again, but I would recommend it if you're into all that hippy shit ( sorry to be crude I’m tired and have been studying the book all day.)
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