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Gods of the Blood by Mattias Gardell
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Nov 26, 2009

did not like it
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Read in November, 2009

If your looking for a book that covers Asatru/Odinism from an academic/sociological point of view as this book is marketed as being then you will disappointed. 70% or more of this book is about Christian Identity, The Church of the Creator, historical revisionists, the KKK, Militias, Neo-Nazis, Anton Lavey and the Church of Satan, and other random occult groups. I was also told by one of the Odinists profiled in this book that the author misrepresented himself claiming to be the leader of a Scandinavian Asatru organization, even wearing a big Thors Hammer around his neck when he introduced himself.

The most telling thing about this book is the photos section. You have on one page a kid who wouldn't look out of place at an SCA event, or Renfaire, dressed in Viking garb and on the opposite page a picture of a group of skinheads giving the Hitler salute. Another page has a woman standing next to a Viking totem and on the opposite page three people from Aryan Nations standing in front of a swastika flag. So the association that this book is trying to make is hardly subtle. There are also pics of William Pierce, Ernst Zundell, and more than one from Aryan Nations. People like the man who wrote this book are a real Freudian delight finding Hitler and Nazism under every rock.

It gets even better though. In the last chapter he tries make an association with Odinism and Al-Queda/Terrorism, even saying "the unfolding terrorist scenario well matches the wet dreams of Aryan militants". The way things are now any unapologetic expression of white culture or soveriegnty is equated with Nazism or potential terrorism. At the rate we are going within a few years anybody that likes to read Tolkien or Norse Mythology, or listens to classical music will be a suspected Nazi or terrorist.
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