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Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan
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Nov 13, 2009

it was ok
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Read in November, 2009

People have often remarked on my, ahem, remarkable patience whether it's dealing with difficult people, difficult books, or with those annoyances that most simply don't want to put up with anymore. One of those annoyances has been over the past month rereading the first six books of the Wheel of Time Series. This will be my third time.

I first read them my Freshman year of high school, the second run-through was a refresher for Knife of Dreams my Fresman year of college. Most of the criticism of this series is spot-on: the endless descriptions of shows, the cookie cutter citizens of the various nations, bosoms and how women are so hard to understand, am I right guys? I do object to this novel being dismissed as a Tolkien retread though, I'll never pick those books up for a second time. But in every novel, inbetween slogging through yet another 'showdown' that brings Tarmon Gai'don one inch closer, the plot propels you through 100 pages without you noticing at all.

The Lord of Chaos is right in the middle of the six book slump that marks the worst moments of the series overall, there are important developments and introduction of key elements - such as the Asha'man - but for being the longest book in the series the least amount happens.

Robert Jordan is a capable if sometimes tedious writer. Once I finish with the last of the Sanderson books I will never read this series again but the point of Fantasy like this is an escape and there is no arguing that one gets utterly lost in these books. With proper warning of what they're getting themselves into, I won't hesitate to reccomend The Wheel of Time to any Fantasy fan.
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Chloe i agree with what you have to say. the truth is, i have been reading reviews on the books in this series as i've been reading the books themselves, and while there are certain things worth critiquing, namely the things you mentioned, overall the books are great for what they are. they are indeed a great escape, and one truly does get lost in them. they are a bit of an adventure to get through, as long as they are, and at times i've found myself wondering, when will certain things be resolved, but i'm intrigued and can't help but want to know, what's going to happen next.
i think you put it well. with a fair warning of what they are getting into, these books really are worth recommending.

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