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Lady & the Vamp by Michelle Rowen
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Nov 12, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance, vampires
Read in March, 2008

A little bit of humor keeps this light vamp romance from having too much bite.
Nothing too original in the premise behind Lady & the Vamp but still Rowen delivers a lighthearted vamp romance and fans of her series will be happy to have former Vamp-hunter Michael Quinn in the spotlight as we take a break from Sara and Thierry.

Quinn, now a vampire, sees himself as a monster and rails against his fate willing to accept death if he can't regain his humanity. He has one hope left, a magical artifact "The Eye" that will allow him to wish himself human if only he can find it. But he's not the only one searching, and lovely supernatural mercenary Janie Parker really needs the Eye. If Janie fails to deliver it to her boss, who has his own nefarious wish to make, both Janie and her sister will die a brutal death as punishment for Janie's failure -- oh and Janie's supposed to stake Quinn too for good measure. Janie and Quinn have a history, in the past teenage Janie had a major crush on Quinn. Now she's the cold-hearted ruthless killer, or at least Janie keeps on telling herself that but around Quinn she's starting to feel very warm indeed. And with Janie around, Quinn is rethinking wishes and self-loathing, so maybe just maybe with a little help from some friends and some enemies too, Janie and Quinn may be able to save Janie's sister, the world and themselves too.

Okay, I was looking forward to Quinn getting his HEA, because I really liked his gorgeous but messed up vulnerable self in the past two books so I'm a bit biased. I thought that Janie was a good fit for him -- they could've shared a therapist if love hadn't conquered all. Rowen did a good job of exploiting their collective angst, but managed to keep things light by using Quinn's former mentor, a sort of meglomaniac minor vampire villain, and Barkley, a psychic werewolf who has trouble maintaining his human form, as comic relief whenever Quinn's "I'm a monster" shtick started to wear thin. The only problem I had with the book is that I would have liked for Janie to have brought a little more competence in her mercenary role, she was forever getting bested by the minor villain - would somebody just stake him please.

Still this was a fun read, suitable for fans of this lighter vein of vampire romances. Black Dagger Brotherhood it aint' but if you like vamp romances from Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, or Erin McCarthy, you'll enjoy Lady & the Vamp which works just fine as a standalone read.

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