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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Nov 12, 09

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Read in May, 2009

** spoiler alert ** Oh me naive, but I had no idea there was so much hatred in a series.
But if you have your valid reasons for hating something, I completely respect it. Opinions are gold...if they're valid.

Ok! New Moon! I am writing this when exactly--well almost exactly--one week from the movie's release, and even through I loathe the first one the next looks promising so I'm biting the bullet and buying my ticket.

The book, aside from Bella's rapidly exhausting depression was a lot more entertaining than Twilight. About hundred pages through the book, Edward leaves her after an inevitable incident at her birthday as you may know and THAT'S when "the pissed off" meter kicks into overdrive. The entire time I read this, I was practically screaming inside my mind "Why did he do this?", "What the fuck? Why did he do this?" and "Where the hell is Alice?". You get more Jacob and he's a very lovable character as well and you're actually grateful for the good he's doing for Bella, actually hope they could be together in the end because you're so angry with Edward--or maybe that was just me.

The fun doesn't begin until you hit the werewolf mark. The wolf pack is a awesome. But honestly, it would be safe to go ahead call them exactly what they really are: shape shifters. Because these wolves can transform during the day, anytime they want and due to my prior knowledge about werewolves, they cannot do that. But they're still a great bunch, funny too.

Oooh, and the Volturi is introduced in this as well! The royal police with formidable gifts. Most of the members gave me the chills while a selective few made wish their robes would accidentally slip off their granite, muscular pale bodies *cough*DemetriFelix*cough* but this is a PG novel and I know wasn't getting of that...tartar sauce.

As far as things that were not likable to me in the novel has to be Bella's excessive whining about Edward's leaving, her persistence on getting him to change in the beginning and not enough fighting.
About the whining: I've come to realize because she was heavy on this guy it would cause to act so...lifeless--and I seriously felt so silly for allowing that to soar over my head because it almost wasn't even the implied main idea--but I have a serious pet peeve for whining. I like to avoid and suffer in silence, even in my mind so maybe that's just a personal thing. But still, if you have a problem with whining, just brace yourself because it is important to get just how pitiful she was without him.
Her wanting to be changed: Ok, let me ask you something. Your lover's a vampire, yes, eventually you're gonna want to join him in immortality but would you really make such a snap decision to do so without even thinking about your family or having some semblance of a plan for your mortal future? Well apparently this is irrelevant for Bella. If she wants to spend her forever traveling the world, learning about everything, alrighty, that's the shit but about her family? She can't just disappear without Renee or Charlie noticing, and if she fakes her death, well that's just messed up because we know her character is supposed be selfless and always thinking about others. So if she does this, that won't make her selfless now would it? It'd go against this character that SM intended her to be and the people in the book see her as well. Yes, we should all be a little selfish when we feel we are selfless but but note I said little, that would be the grand pooh-bah of selfish acts.
The last part is probably because I'm an action junkie but a great rescue is NOT complete without someone kicking ass and taking some names. There was none of that, everyone was lenient and creepily peaceful(eh).

I give this 4 stars because of the suspense--kept me on the edge of my seat and I even lost sleep of this book, as if I need to--and not too predictable ending, meaning you know what's gonna happen in the end but you're not sure how it will so you keep turning pages. I read it in...4 days? yep.

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