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The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
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Nov 21, 2010

really liked it
Read on November 17, 2010

I loved the beginning, was very annoyed with the middle, and liked the ending. Somewhat. The problem was that nothing was resolved. Anyway, the problem with the middle was Brenda- the last thing I wanted was a love triangle. She's way too touchy feely, and I wish she would just go away. The beginning was really good, and made me really like the Gladers, since they were some of the only remainders of book one. I'm half really glad Chuck died, and half really sad. See, I'm happy because it was the only thing not going according to plan. Thomas should have died, and Chuck saved him because he's awesome like that. I can't help but feel like Thomas. I understand everything Teresa had to do and say, and that she did the right thing, but I still felt angry with her. The ending felt so desolate- no matter how much Thomas says he's finished, it keeps on ticking off WICKED's check list. It reminds me of how prophecies always come true in fantasies in a roundabout way. I really hope WICKED ends up being bad, because it just seems so cold and calculating to say, technically, everything they did is justified in the big picture and that it ends up saving more people than it kills. Maybe it's just because the book is in Thomas' mind set, where we feel that he's right and they're wrong. I was waiting for him to break down, to be able to just let it out and have some sympathy from someone-that's what was annoying me. Not even Teresa showed signs of reaching out to him and consoling him. I guess this was the 'horribly betrayed' book. Still, I hope the last one has the gladers as main characters and slightly less gritty tone, but the urgency and emotions that the reader has in the second.

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