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Conversation Pieces by H. Kester Grant
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Nov 10, 2009

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writing about "dialogical" projects valued using the discarded values of modernism but asserting their status as artworks by virtue of their (purported) engagement with these discarded values. it's really strange when you think about. picking up the scraps at the paper cutter of modernism, making them into something, and then calling it art because they came from trimmings around the paper cutter...basically - there either has to be a more compelling reason that this stuff is "art" or a more compelling way of speaking about this stuff (that may or may not be art or who cares) in general

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Randall Hey Bryce your response overlaps with mine, although your "scraps at the paper cutter of modernism" is more artfully worded than anything I wrote (

Kester sort of (and only sort of) relates why this stuff is, or should be talked about as, art here:

Notice how he talks about looking at "specific aesthetic conditions" which he seems to be equating (like far too many others) with art. As if art has a monopoly on aesthetics...Also, he calls "picking up the scraps" a "reconstruction" which I would buy if there seemed to be any point to it - it seems like the "refusal" he dismisses has far more potential than reconstruction, or what a less generous person might call co-optation.

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