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Trouble in Paradise by Tianna Xander
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Nov 09, 09

Read in November, 2009

I am not entirely certain that I want to publicly acknowledge having read this book. The blurb is not only poorly written, but inaccurate. The cover art - is that art? I'm not sure what or who it's supposed to depict, and after reading the book I still couldn't describe the four main characters in terms of anything but sexual characteristics, and even then, all three men might as well be one guy copied a few times, what with all the huge, throbbing, hard, chiseled, tan, and muscled going on.

I probably wasn't supposed to demand any kind of real plot or continuity out of erotica, but I'm contrary that way. We meet a woman who has worked all night in her garage. We're told she has exceptionally good hearing as she takes off her iPod headphones. Shortly afterwards, we learn that some THING has been stalking her - wait, she worked all night in an unlocked place without an alarm system, wearing headphones that block her oh-so-good hearing, despite supposedly being all anxious about a killer who is after her? I don't buy it.

I frequently felt that this might be an excerpt of a larger work, or from a series of stories that readers are expected to be familiar with. Decent authors know how to repeat key information without boring returning fans so as to help new readers get their footing. Is that just not done in erotica?

Yes, I'm probably being too critical. But if it doesn't work for wanking, it should work as story. And it didn't work for either, for me, at least.
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message 1: by Hope (new)

Hope I'm sorry you had to suffer through a lame book, but I'm amused by your review :) Personally, I want at least a decent story as well as good sexy bits. If you're expecting too much from erotica, at least you're not the only one.

message 2: by Cynthia (last edited Nov 10, 2009 01:34PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Cynthia Armistead Yeah, the sexy bits were just too - assumed. Like, just telling us that these guys are oh-so-hot, and that they can't resist this chick's smell, without ever getting into what makes them so sexy or what it is about her scent that gets them all het up, that sort of thing. There's never any build-up, no flirtation, no time spent working into a relationship. It's strangers, tension, and Hot damn, we're doing it! all! together! (And no, Ms. Xander, there aren't any women in the world who use strawberry-flavored lube as skin lotion. None. Grown-up women are able to acknowledge that they have lube in their nightstands because they have sex lives! But it isn't something that women on the run, whose bags were packed by their mothers after crazed killers ruined all their personal belongings, would normally have on hand.)

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