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World War Z by Max Brooks
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Dec 09, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: 2009, fiction
Recommended to Jennn by: Stacey
Recommended for: my dad, zombie/social commentary likers
Read in December, 2009

** spoiler alert ** I agree with what's being said as the biggest critique: the voices sound very much the same. It's true. Nearing the end, it was dragging and this fact was made very apparent. But despite this flaw (which I agree *is* pretty fundamental), the book is still very enjoyable and very unique indeed. The tales of survival and the differences in certain aspects of the war is well thought-out. The jobs range drastically, as does the types of infection and the psychology of...well, zombies and their wake. There were things I didn't expect or even think about (like feral children and the people that copy zombie likenesses). I loved how global it was and how so many different countries and cultures were represented, I just wish there were even more!

Lastly, there were actually a lot of good quotable pieces like, "It's easier to blow a train up than to make it run on time." Meaning (in this context) it's much more difficult to run a country efficiently than to stage a revolution.

Ok, the things that I didn't like.

America, the hero. Again, at the end, America was the crusader that said, "Let's get back our freedom or die trying! Yee-haw!" Pretty much. And then went and helped other countries out afterwards. In contrast to Russia, who killed their own people for desertion of duty during the war and then turned their women into baby factories all for the (I kid you not) "motherland". Really? I was a bit disappointed. It just seemed like America-the-liberator propaganda. I liked the hand that Cuba played as being a pretty supreme power during the war, although it puttered out once America got badass again :( Boo.

And, as I stated before, the end crawled by, which was disappointing. The ending could have been better wrapped up. It dragged on and then ended suddenly.

A little pet-peeve I found was that there was little mystery. This should have been done much, much better I thought. An incident would be talked about in depth, then in the next section or soon after that, it was briefly mentioned by someone else. Boo. Next time, briefly mention it first to pique our interest and then talk in depth about it. Example: instead of talking about the purges in Russia and building an emotional climax, then having someone mention soon after, "And what happened to the Russians..." No, no. Mention it first so we'll think, "Oh, man. What about the Russians? Are they ok? What's going on?" Give us a taste, then feed us the meal - it doesn't work the other way around. It happened too often and seems like an obvious mistake. Build the suspense more!

Bottomline: Apart from some flaws, a very unique book with a lot of good vignettes and social commentary mixed in with zombies. Big-time action, it isn't, but the book is entertaining in its own way. I would like to pick it up again when I have more time and can highlight some places. I'll most likely buy a copy in the future.

Plus, my dad read some of it and liked it, so we'll have a book to talk about.

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