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The Little House Collection by Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Jan 21, 08

Like so many people, I read and loved these books as a girl. When my son was an infant and I was looking for something to entertain me during his marathon bouts of nursing, I decided to read the series again. I still found it immensely enjoyable, but with one striking difference: When I was a child, Pa Ingalls seemed like the coolest dad on the planet - he played the fiddle, made his own bullets and took his family on all sorts of adventures all over the unsettled west. As an adult, however, I thought Pa came off like a flakey dreamer who put his family through years of hell, always claiming "Caroline! If you just put up with backbreaking labor, mortal danger and starving kids for a few years, just watch! This expanse of desert/marsh/frozen tundra will become the breadbasket of the world and make us rich as kings!" How Ma Ingalls put up with his crazy schemes for so long is a testament t her patience/holy doormat-ness. On re-reading, I thought the series must be missing the volumes "Little House on the San Andreas Fault", "On the Slopes of Angry Volcano" and "By the Toxic Tidepools of Three-Mile Island."
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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Oh that is just too funny! As always, Vanessa, your reviews are the funniest on Goodreads!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

What a hoot! I've never read the books but geez, as we live in PA I'm rather pining for "By The Toxic Tidepools of Three-Mile Island." :-)

Diane ROFL... I can totally see how that would be! Viewing him again through the eyes of an adult woman. Too funny!

Abigail I thought the exact same thing while reading it as an adult! HA!

Christine Marie So funny! Yes, those pioneer men were always telling their wives, "If we just stick it out a bit longer this no man's land will become heaven on earth!" Many women just like Ma Ingalls put up with this for a long time. Plus, the books don't even show all the times that they moved, just a few of them. It was probably even worse! I haven't read this series since I was about 7, so I think rereading would be a nice venture. After I reread/finish reading The Chronicles of Narnia series that is.

message 6: by Tterry (new)

Tterry I, too, reread these while nursing my infant. I couldn't help thinking how irked I'd be if my husband kept dragging me around to remake our life. I also wished I'd stopped before the last book. It was a real downer. At least Pa made it work. Almanzo just kept failing.

Jeannette-steve If you read the read story Charles ended up losing his farm and living in town only to die early. Almanzo and laura settled for good in Missouri I think and lived into their 80's. I retread them as an adult then read a couple biographies about the family. Really interesting.

On another note I live in Oregon so if it wasn't for dreamers like Pa who knows what would have happened. I still love the stories. Pioneers were so brave and the west needed to be settled. But, lol, as a parent I wouldn't have been a pioneer. No way would I risk my whole family.

The last book is only sad because Laura died and they published her rough draft before she could lighten it up like the other ones. :). I have a feeling a lot of them would have been depressing because she left so much out like the death of her brother etc.

Kathy Pa certainly had the wanderlust. For better or worse, it was folks like him who settled the American West.

Almanzo and Laura settled in Missouri, and despite his handicap, they had a very productive farm and were active in their farm community. They had a rough start to their married life, losing a baby boy and a homestead, but I think they went on to lead a pretty good life.

I loved these books as a child and still do!

Jill Minor Who was that dame whom schoolteacher Laura had to board with, who got a knife and threatened to kill her husband in cold blood in their claim shanty? After about 20 times reading through the series, I can totally identify with her now! And I think Caroline was a card-carrying saint, at least as her daughter immortalized her!

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