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Nubs by Brian Dennis
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Nov 07, 09

Here is a true story that will make you smile, warm your heart, and again remind you of the indefatigable power of love. Yes, even in war love overcomes.

Today he is known by thousands but not too long ago a scraggly, skinny mutt barely survived on the desert. "His ears had been cut off to make him a dog of war." He was the leader off a pack of wild dogs, and had no name. And then one day a trio of military vehicles carrying Major Brian Dennis and his ten marines arrived at the desert fort. The other dogs, hoping for food, scrambled to meet the soldiers but one dog, the one without ears went to Dennis who bent down to meet him. Somehow, for whatever reason, the man and the dog bonded.

Dennis called the dog Nubs because that's what was left of his ears looked like, and that evening they shared a meal - spaghetti, Cajun beans, and rice plus a strawberry Pop-Tart for dessert. That might not be canine cuisine but it was undoubtedly the best meal Nubs had ever eaten. When it was Dennis's turn for guard duty that night Nubs stayed right beside him.

But the next day the soldiers left. Nubs chased them for more than a mile but couldn't begin to catch up. Once again Nubs was alone, fighting to not only keep his place in the pack but foraging for food, and trying to stay warm in the winter's intense cold. Weeks later the three vehicles carried the soldiers back to the fort and Brian and Nubs were reunited. But again they left and upon returning found Nubs weak with a severe wound in his side. The men doctored the dog as best they could.

Finally Dennis and his men left one more time heading for the Command Outpost on the Jordanian border. It would seem that Dennis and Nubs had said their final goodbyes.

Readers of all ages will be touched by the story of Nubs who while a small, scruffy mutt had the heart of a lion.

- Gail Cooke

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