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Andromeda Klein by Frank Portman
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Nov 16, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: humor, realistic
Read in November, 2009

Very funny and very weird--if you like tarot cards or anything "weejy" (that is, relating to ouija boards and the occult), then this is the book for you. It's a lighthearted book, though, it's not really about 'dark magic', just a lot about the tarot and the history of tarot. Andromeda is in high school, a bit of an outsider, has no real friends except Daisy--who's dead. But Andromeda thinks Daisy may be trying to contact her from the afterlife. Andromeda has a funny way of looking at the world, not only because she sees potential psychic signs, omens and "synchs" everywhere (don't call them coincidences!), and knows the indepth history of the occult and "magickal" world, but also because she's partially deaf, so she mishears a lot. And sometimes, rather than try to get the speaker to repeat the phrase, she just goes with the wrong words. So a bathroom becomes the "vacuum" or her mom's religious background is "Spinach U-turn" instead of "Finnish Lutheran," and her "sensitive" almost-boyfriend-who-dumped-her-via-text is "Saint Steve." She continues to use these words throughout the whole book--good thing there's a glossary at the back of the book, because it gets quite amusing and confusing! Andromeda also is dealing with The Mom and The Dad, her names for her eccentric parents; the bossy girl at school who is sort-of her friend; and her shelver job at the public library, where, to her horror, someone wants to get rid of all of her favorite books on magic and the occult! Well, Andromeda is not going to stand for that...if she can just find enough friends with library cards. Maybe the new boy she's met, who's into "thulu rock" music, might be able to help...

I love the library scenes, of course, being a librarian (and a former shelver), and Andromeda's geeky character, her sense of humor, and I definitely learned a lot about tarot from this book.


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