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The Ultimate Kink by Cameron Dane
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Nov 03, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance-contemporary-gay, romance-contemporary-het
Read in October, 2009

Okay, pick your jaws up off the floor and hear me out a sec, will ya? Yes, I actually read a het book and dammit, I liked it. Sue me for enjoying a truly kinky book like only Cameron Dane can bring!

Summary: Previous Book: Finding Home
Genre: BDSM Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel Plus

Partners in Quinn Security, there isn't anything Canin Quinn and Kasey Jordan won't do for the good of the company. Anything.

The job: Catch a serial rapist before he attacks again.

The plan: Go undercover in a sex club, the source of the attacks…posing as husband and wife.

Canin and Kasey spend a lot of their time exchanging sharp-tongued jabs. At the same time, Canin has been nursing a simmering attraction for the tough-as-nails, secretive Kasey. By moving into her apartment as part of their cover, Canin will take this gift-wrapped opportunity to change their friendship to something much more intimate.

Kasey has her reasons for keeping Canin at arms length, knowing that he could never accept her as a partner if he understood her most private needs. Working undercover together will test her ability to keep her secrets safe from the man whose respect she craves more than anything else in her life.

The sex club opens a world of bondage and voyeurism, as well as a host of other fetishes...and reveals secrets that neither of them ever thought they would share with another soul. This job will expose them to their ultimate kinks.

What I liked about this book: Fetish play is not easy to write in a romance book. I don't care who you are, it's hard to write it well and not get lost in the play and forget that the story is first and foremost a romance story. In [Book: The Ultimate Kink], Dane not only makes the play hot to read but as mesmerizing as it would be to watch live.

Add to the conflict a rape, a history of abuse and a phobia that has paralyzed Kasey from truly enjoying a lover ever in her life and you've got a recipe for a page-turning romance that will leave you flushed, breathless and seeking iced drinks in the middle of winter.

Oh, did I mention dildo play? Oh yeah... Dane totally owns my soul!

Excerpt: He wanted her. He fucking wanted her so damn bad. That, he could handle. He was a guy. He often pictured himself in a sexual situation with Kasey; that had been happening since pretty much the day they met when she interviewed for a job in his and Rhone’s security firm some seven years ago. Now, thanks to “The Happy Couple,” as Canin liked to call the other half of their team, Canin pictured more than animal sex with Kasey; he had dreams of what it would feel like to wake up with her in his bed, what his home would look like with her stuff mixed in with his. Damn it, he was thirty-seven fucking years old. He refused to start pining for someone at this stage in his life.

Wham! Out of the blue, a steel grip locked around Canin’s wrist and pulled his arm back at an unnatural angle. What the fuck? A second later, two kicks to the backs of his knees took his legs out for a hairsbreadth, just enough for a body to shove him over the hood of his truck, pressing him into the cold metal.

“You don’t get to walk away from me.” Kasey’s throaty, sultry voice warmed Canin’s ear, stroking sizzling lines of fire through his blood, cranking his cock back up to full attention. “Not without letting me return the favor.” She yanked on the arm she had pinned behind his back, pulling hard enough to make him wince, but not enough to do any real damage. Snaking her hand around his waist, she left him tantalized with awareness as she worked open the leather and buckle of his belt.

She got his jeans open and pushed them and his underwear down just past his thighs. Sparing him no mercy, she pulled on his stiff prick, making him groan as she squeezed him near the base.

“We’re in a fucking parking lot, Kasey,” he muttered, trying desperately to blink back the pleasure she drew out of him with little more than a handshake on his dick. The metal under his cheek warmed with his body temperature, something that spiked in steadying degrees every time he saw a couple enter or exit the club out of the corner of his eye. “At least get me in the car before you exact your revenge.”

“You mean like you did for me?” True anger laced her voice, striking Canin hard in his chest. She put her hand against his mouth, palm flat. “Lick it,” she ordered, pushing into him from behind, almost as if she would fuck him if she had the equipment. “Get it all nice and wet, unless you want me to jerk you off dry.”

Jesus Christ, her mouth made him so fucking hot he didn’t even think of disobeying. He pressed the tip of his tongue to the center of her palm, twitching the tip over her skin with the slightest touch. Feeling her jerk against his back made him smile, drawing him so into her and her responses that they could have gathered a crowd of hundreds to watch them and he wouldn’t know it. He cared only about her. About pleasing her and giving her back her pride.

Whatever it took.

Canin took a couple of good swipes along the length of her palm with the flat of his tongue, transferring the saltiness of perspiration and a hint of orange from the screwdriver she had ordered in the club from her skin to his taste buds. His blood thickening right where he lay, Canin maneuvered his lips and slid two of her long fingers into his mouth and sucked, slicking her digits up with saliva simply because he wanted to, thoughts of it eventually leading to his own pleasure long gone from his mind. He nibbled and licked on her fingers, and worked in a third for the same treatment, all the while cognizant and focused on the rise and fall of her breasts and belly against his back, hitching every once in a while with shortness of breath that he felt against his ear. She may have come out here for payback, but damn it, she liked having his mouth on her flesh. He wanted it there too. All over, with clothing completely removed.

Kasey sank even deeper into him, her hand holding his arm between them the only thing that prevented a full-on blanketing of his body by hers. She had her legs between the spread eagle of his, and with the mile-long endless length of her legs, her crotch rubbed against his bare ass, driving him nuts with fucking sensitivity. He’d never had anybody play seriously with his backdoor before, but right now he swore if Kasey produced a strap-on and said she wanted to do him right here, he would beg her to split him open and take him however she wanted. He trembled a little bit just thinking about it, and that seemed to snap Kasey out of whatever private fantasy she had running on a loop in her head.

“Enough, enough. That’s plenty good enough to do the job.” She pulled her fingers from between his suctioning lips, creating a little popping sound in the shadowed darkness of the parking lot. “You don’t get to come by your own lurid imagination tonight, Quinn.” She slid her hand around his eager and ready dick. “You have to come because of me.” With that, she started to pull on his rigid length.

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