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The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
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Mar 05, 13

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Read in March, 2013

This review is based on a re-listen/read. I've read or listened to the series at least once, and this particular book at least 3-4 times. This series is better written than most fantasy books. The series, apart from the first few books which have solid beginnings and endings, is really one incredibly long book.

Robert Jordan is a description king. If he could have written the entire series without advancing the plot, he just may have. One book in the series (middling, around the 7-8th, but I can't recall which) really doesn't have much, if any, plot advancement. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Jordan painted a world unlike any other.

Since much of the focus is on descriptive language, I highly suggest the Audiobook versions. They are performed at a very high level (and only get better as the readers get used to the pronounciations - this first book is easily the worst of the audio series; that's not to say it's bad). It's much easier to sit back, drive, and let the descriptive language paint a picture that's more painfully arrived at in print.

Re-listening through this book after having completed the entire series points out a ton of foreshadowing and descriptions of things we don't fully understand until later in the series (sometimes much later). This is a feat for a novel this large written over so long a time. The series is nothing short of a masterpiece; it's clearly the late Jordan's life's work. Sanderson, who took over for Jordan to complete the final books, does the series justice but there is something lost in his books, something he couldn't replace.

Overall, I give the series 5 stars. This book gets 5 stars. Individual books drop as low as 2, in my opinion.

Grammatically, I give the series 3 stars. Jordan takes the advice to never use an adverb (advice I don't agree with) to mean he can put the adverb in and drop its -ly. I can't condemn this enough as it makes the audio sound grating, interrupting the flow, and it slight changes the meaning of sentances.

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