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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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Oct 31, 09

bookshelves: romance, sci-fi
Read in January, 2008

I'm actually kind of torn on this one.

I really liked the story. I liked the invasion premise, the fact that the story basically kicks off long after humanity's lost. I liked Wanderer as a character, and while her host is annoying, it's an understandable annoyance. So far, so good, eh?

But I found I had an impossible time truly enjoying this story because of a nasty, vicious streak of cruelty towards women. And that's the horrible part: in a story where I think the violence is meant to be anti-alien, it somehow felt hugely misogynistic. Overwhelmingly so. Possibly because even when the violence ebbs, there's a steady thread of possession running through the story. Men constantly set claims on the main character's body, her actions, her thoughts. It was really disturbing.

Most worrying is that bells went off in my head when I realized that a lot of the same possessive, intimidating behaviours were carried over from men in Meyer's "Twilight" universe. So is this a personal tic of the author's? If so, an editor might want to try and tone it down. It knocked at least star off the book's rating for me.

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