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The Ringworld Throne by Larry Niven
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Nov 01, 07

bookshelves: 2007
Read in October, 2007

Third in the Ringworld novels, and as much as I enjoyed the first two, I have to admit this one was pretty awful. I just couldn't get into it, and I just pushed through just to get it into the "read" pile. It might have helped if I'd read it while [b]The Ringworld Engineers[/b] was fresher in my mind, because I think a lot of my dissatisfaction with the story stemmed from not remembering who most of the characters were, apart from Louis Wu & Co. Also, a good portion of the story was [i]not[/i] Louis Wu's crazy hijinks, so who really cares?

Also, there was entirely too much about "rishathra". The idea of divergent species of human shagging each other willy nilly just reeks of an adolescent furry's masturbatory fantasy. It was an interesting social aspect in [b]Engineers[/b], but in [b]Throne[/b] it's brought up, and at length, in an obsessive fashion. I guess it just strains my suspension of disbelief to think the first thing two groups of related humanoids would do upon meeting is have an orgy.

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