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The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar
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Oct 30, 09

Read in August, 2009

** spoiler alert ** This story is the most f-ed up thing I have read in a while. It is a normal story of New York, but for the fairies getting drunk and puking and starting race riots arguing about fiddle playing. Martin Millar has allowed in The Good Fairies of New York that the industrial revolution just hit English fairies. This lead them to rush through many stages of development to a totalitarian dictatorship enslaving the masses to mass produce goods for export. The Kings children might have revolted so he went after them and they left for America with a band of unlikely’s. there are two crazy Scottish fairies exiled for destroying scottish fairy national treasure, a couple of Irish tourists and perhaps another cornish fairy running along for help. This is just the bare backstory. Really the book focuses heavily on the two scottish fairies and the humans they try to help.
Heather and Morag each take one neighbor under their wing bringing emotional and social support. Heather happens to be in the same clan as Dinnie (one of the humans) and Morag finds Kerry and befriends her. These two scottish fairies are the most obnoxious pair. They really do work much better away from each other but seem to be drawn together. They constantly are battling to prove who is the better fairy and the only time they are not trying to undermine the other is when they join together long enough to humiliate someone given a superlative they covet. This lead them to all of the destruction of the book. I like that the great battles are forgiven by simply showing the right sort of flirting. No one hold grudges over old wounds Everything destroyed can be repaired with fairy magic and a laundry machine.
Dinnie’s transformation is brought about by fairy magic, but I think there is some hard work behind it somewhere in there. Kerry, I hope, is even cured by fairy magic for her kindness to the fairies and for putting together such a great work of art as her celtic flower alphabet.
The psycho story aside the flow was chaotic there was very little to show when the scene or characters changed. It would just jump to another place with no more than a carriage return.
Dinnie’s sections were often littered with the television ads for sex chats, which made this novel even more adult. The body count for the homeless population made it even more real with Dinnie is facing getting kicked out. I can’t imagine that existence and yet it is shown as simply part of the the fabric of this place.

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