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Maskerade by Terry Pratchett
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Oct 30, 2009

really liked it
Read in March, 2009

** spoiler alert ** As I have mentioned my favorite part of the Discworld series is that Terry Pratchett can, with in the bounds of the universe, talk about all sorts of topics and no two books have to have the same characters. Yes someone dies, but Maskcarade is a witches story. Granny and Nanny are at it again, and they have their eye on someone.
Agnes Nitt can’t escape her fate. Especially when it is being one of the witches of Lancer. And since Margat’s off as queen, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg have been a little at odds. Agnes, now known as Perdita, has a plan to escape her fate by way of her only other good trait (besides her hair), her voice. A voice that can harmonize with itself as well as reach octaves unknown by man or beast.
The opera house in Anhk-Morpork has its own problems. Its previously friendly, good luck charm has started collecting a body count. No on is quite sure why, but the ghost that was until now friendly and only wanted a box seat to keep him happy and leaving suggestions here and there has started leaving folks a little dead. The folks at the Opera in true Anhk-Morkpork fashion have passed these deaths off as suicides or accidents not wanting to involved the authorities in an internal affair. Murder would be an assassin guild problem and these are all dancers or musicians. Agnes has the instincts of a witch and starts to put the pieces together.
I love the musician Henry Spragg who has travelled all over building up his foreign name for himself so he can come back and sing because no one would believe someone from the wrong side of the tracks in A-M would be such a musical prodigy, but there he is with his foreign name being force-fed pasta and squid all over the outer regions. The witches learn the truth and use it to his and their advantage. Granny knows the value of information to get what she needs. Though Nanny is the one who makes her mint with some of her more creative recipes for love. Granny is the one with the head for numbers that leads to their collecting this mint.
Though the librarian, my favorite character, does less in this novel. I still enjoyed the antics of the witches rebuilding the world with their headology and witchcraft.

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