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Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer
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Nov 11, 2009

really liked it
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Read in November, 2009

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It is very difficult for me to say that I liked this book. The subject matter is god awful, heart-wrenching, and will destroy the way you look at the meat on your plate at lunch and dinner time.

However, Foer did an amazing job researching family and factory farms. His presentation and story-telling skills are not to be ignored here. He shoves the genetic mutation, inhumane treatment and suffering of these poor animals into your face, pries your eyes open and whispers "see this? Now don't you dare forget it". He informs us that we, the individual, CAN make a difference in the way the source of our meat is raised, and slaughtered.

While he does not TELL you to stop eating animals, he certainly makes it hard for a reader like myself (a lover of roasted chicken, and turkey) to validate a meat purchase in the grocery store. Yesterday, after frantically devouring the final 100 pages of this book, I found myself eating meatless meals. For lunch - Minestrone soup and salad at Olive Garden. For dinner - Spagetti with meatless sauce.

Will I be able to continue down the road of meatless meals? I can honestly stand here and say no. No, I cannot. I would die of malnutrition. I just do not like my veggies enough to go full-out vegan. But I can take a look at the AMOUNT of meat I consume. I can consider other alternatives to store bought meat.

But I can promise that I will never, EVER be able to look at the meat prepared on my plate without knowing what that poor little genetically deformed chicken went through to become food for my family. And if that doesn't start the process of turning my stomach against meat, I don't know what will!
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JSou Ooooh, did you get yours in?

Lori Just today. Did your come?

JSou I'll have to check the mail when I get home. I'll let you know. Are you going to be reading this soon?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

It's next up for me because I'm going to see Foer on the 4th at Powells. I heard that it's going to make me cry and cry, which would be nothing new for a Foer book.

Lori Im not sure when I will be starting it. Sometime in November... I wanted to see Foer when he came to NYC, but I have to pick and choose my authors carefully. My hubby is only tolerable to an extent when it comes to driving me all the way out there and all the way back for a few hours of an author chatting away....

JSou I'm so jealous you guys will get to see him! I have to go check if he'll be near Phoenix anytime soon...

Rachel Good for you, Lori. I'm so glad this book motivated you to try some vegetarian meals. Reducing the amount of meat consumed will make a big difference.


Lori Well, I can try... but it sure is hard. Meat seems to be everywhere.... I have to admit, I had tuna fish for lunch (I know, I know)... but it was a meatless dinner again... so .... baby steps, baby steps!

message 9: by Rachel (last edited Nov 12, 2009 04:47PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rachel Yeah. There is a BIG difference between doing as much as you can, and what seems reasonable to you, to help, rather than just throwing your hands up in the air and doing nothing.

Reducing the amount of meat doesn't mean you never eat meat. It just means you're trying and moving forward.

Like recycling ... you know, doing your best to recycle is way better than somebody who says "Screw it, I can't always recycle every time, so I won't recycle at all." For example, maybe at home, you are able to put your plastic bottles and cardboard boxes etc in the recycle bins. But when you're out, maybe the stuff just goes in a trash can headed for the landfill. Bummer, but that doesn't mean all your recycling that you did at home, didn't make a difference.

Know what I mean?

Some people think, just because they can't eat vegetarian for every single meal, that they shouldn't bother eating vegetarian at all. And I think that's silly. The truth is, every time you eat a vegetarian meal, it helps! And you don't need to beat yourself up about the times when it isn't vegetarian or when you couldn't recycle that plastic bottle or whatever. Just do your best and keep moving forward!

message 10: by Lori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lori What a pep talk :)

message 11: by Francine (new)

Francine I don't think I could read that. It would upset me beyond words...Maybe give me nightmares.

message 12: by Lori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lori I would have to agree with you there.

message 13: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca I had to give you a like, Lori. I'm vegetarian...:D

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