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Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
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Oct 29, 2009

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I haven't read any of Lili St. Crow's other novels yet but they are on my list and I'll get to them eventually. So I'm not familiar with her writing but I felt Strange Angels was a pretty good start to this YA series.

I found myself a little hesitant about Dru in the beginning. Her and her father have been jumping around from place to place ever since her Gran died. He's a hunter of all paranormal entities that go bump in the night and has been doing so every since Dru's mother died years ago. Dru is slowly learning what she can about hunting since her father only allows her to tag along sometimes as back up. She's got a gift, kinda like a sixth sense, or the "touch" as her Gran likes to call it. She does have skills in fighting and knows how to use a gun. But at sixteen, she's pretty much mad at the world when she's introduced. Having to jump from school to school so many times she longs to be normal.

At school Dru tries to remain as aloof as possible. It doesn't help much when she meets Graves, a half-Asian goth kid who wants to befriend her despite her reluctance. She tries to push him away but he's one persistent boy. Kinda like a stray puppy that keeps begging, Graves just doesn't refuses to take "No" for an answer. Despite all that there's just something about him that calls to Dru. It may be the fact that she just longs for a friend to confide in, but how can she possible tell Graves anything about her life?

Tragedy strikes after Dru's dad doesn't come home after one of his solo missions. Dru is left on her own and quickly becomes a target for all the paranormal boogiemen. She ends up relying on Graves whether she wants to or not. And Graves becomes deeply involved after he gets bit by a werewulf. So they are pretty much stuck together and Dru continuously blames herself for Graves' predicament.

Later on they are helped by Christophe, a half-breed vampire called a djamhir, who knows more about Dru than she could ever imagine. She doesn't want to trust him but he seems determined to look out for her... And it is here where I will stop with the summary and leave the rest for you to find out =) Evil I know lol

I do want to say that the beginning really didn't do a lot for me. While I liked the story, I didn't really get into it until the last third of the book when Christophe was introduced. Not that he was my favorite character - I just felt the story really came alive in the last part. While I didn't love the novel I'm probably going to be picking up Betrayals which comes out in November.
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Richard E. The author also writes the 'Dante Valentine' series under Lilith Saintcrow. 'Working for the Devil' is the first book.

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