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Mischief Becomes Her by Kasey Michaels
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Oct 28, 09

Read in January, 2008

** spoiler alert ** This book is apparently the second in a series of three about three sisters. I missed the first one about the sister named Jolie who is apparently a big Hollywood star. Pretty sure where that came from so I probably won't bother reading that one. The girls father who was a retired cop was running a detective agency with the oldest sister Jade. She's the one the next book is about and I'm assuming that she'll be hooking up with her ex-husband that is currently living in the same house with her. Don't know that I'm really looking forward to that book, but I might look it up.

On to the story of Jessica who is the baby sister. What can I say? I loved this heroine. I think it's one of the few times I've truly identified with a character in a book. She speaks her mind and goes with her gut and does what makes her happy. I think maybe I could have a little crush on her if I didn't like boys. She's smart, funny, and just comfortable with who she is. The same goes with the hero Matt. He's quite a bit older (11 years I think) and it quickly becomes a joke between the two of them, ultimately leading to her regularly calling him Methusaleh. I'm sorry for those of you who don't get that joke. He's a detective on vacation who is helping her investigate the cases that her father was looking into when he died. According to the police and pretty much everyone outside the heroine and associates, her father Teddy killed the local mayoral candidates wife, then went home and shot himself in guilt. Well, obviously the family doesn't believe this so they are looking into things. They uncover that 3 of the cases Teddy was looking into may well have all been part of one big coverup involving the aforementioned mayoral candidate since one of the cases was a murder of a prostitute he paid for dental work on, and a baby left in a dumpster that may well have been his and the prostitutes. Also, she probably wasn't actually a prostitute, but I'm making that leap ahead of time. I am pissed about one thing though. Why do we have to take the storyline into another book? Are you that hard up getting people to buy your books? Frankly that is part of why I don't want to get the next one. The more I think about it, the less inclined I am to do so. Unless of course it comes free of charge or as part of my monthly books from Harlequin when it comes out. Yeah, shameless plug, but I'll read and review anything that comes to me free of charge. Oh hell, I read just about anything anyway. I read the damn nascar novel, didn't I?

Back to the story, sorry about the sidetrack. It happens all to frequently. I could have done with a bit more smut going on, but to be honest, the story was well written and there weren't any soft spots in it that left me longing for more. All in all I think it was a fairly well-balanced novel and even considering the genre, well thought out and executed. Just finish up the story in one damn book! Oh, and a bonus of pirates. Being a contemporary romance I didn't have much hope that there would be pirates. Well, my friends, (pretend I'm John McCain saying this and it's hilarious!) there were pirates. Not actual characters involved in the current story, but referencing Irish pirates that were the heart of Jade's husbands ancestors. The Beckets of Romney Marsh is the series that Ms. Michaels recently finished up about reformed pirates and all the adopted family members. Apparently it's being continued in this series a bit because the next book supposedly takes them to England searching for an Emerald treasure. Anyway, includes a bit of pirate so I've accounted for this in my rating.

I'm going to go ahead and give this 4 1/2 stars overall (Out of 5). It's rare that I would rate something this high without a major involvement of pirates, which should tell you how much I loved it. The rating is due to the balance of smut and plot as it was beautifully executed.

Quantity of smut: 3 stars
Quality of smut: 4 stars (Mainly due to the furtive up against the door, tearing off the clothes, rug burn scene. Yeah, it was good.)
Quality of overall plot: 4 stars
Overall Enjoyment: 5 stars
Quality of Hero: 4 star
Quality of Heroine: 5 stars
Quality of non-starring characters: 3 1/2 stars
Would I like to be this heroine: 6 stars (My rating scale, I can cheat if I want)
Would I like to do this hero: 5 stars
Inclusion of Pirates: 1/2 star
Inclusion of Scots: 1/8 star (Irish, so I'm counting it slightly)

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