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Billy the Kid by Morris
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Oct 25, 09

it was ok
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As a child my family traveled extensively. I have vivid memories of truly regrettable year in Sweden: awkward age intensified by not being able to communicate with the children of the family with whom we were living.

One of the beguiling items these children possessed were a series of comics about a cowboy named Lucky Luke. I'd heard of & read Tintin stories--loved the tales of a boy reporter and his companions circumnavigating the globe in search of adventure and intrigue. But I had never heard of Lucky Luke--and it was in the same format at the Tintin books I loved so much: slim, over-sized paperbacks with a skinny spine and packed with amazing visuals. As I looked at the children's Lucky Lukes, I was fascinated by the pictures and frustrated not to be able to read the story--for it was in Swedish.

As a child I continued to read both Tintin and Asterix & Obelisk stories--but I never came across Lucky Luke.

Then, on a whim a few months ago, I searched Amazon and found that they've been published in English and are currently available through Cinebook Publishers. As of late Oct. '09, there are 18 volumes published with a handful more upcoming.

I've started to make my way through the series. It certainly helps to have the English translation. The story often contains puns and visual/verbal comic mis-understandings that simply would not translate if you just looked at the panels.

Some of the translations in these early editions feel a bit rough, a bit basic. I'm not sure if this is due to more simplistic writing in the originals or just a slightly weak translation that would have benefited from a thesaurus. Things may change in later editions. I've only read through the first 4 or so. Additionally, these are children's stories and not on the same calibre as Tintin and Asterix & Obelisk, which were visually very dense and always contained a true adventure or mystery. Lucky Luke by comparison seems less mature and depends more broadly on slapstick humor. The imagery is less arresting, the background left mostly empty or with a simple color wash--but the color choices are often just this side of surreal.

Still enjoyable to finally read these so many years later!

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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Ah ha! My family traveled when I was a child as well. Many places the only books for children that were in English were Tintin and Asterix & Obelisk. I grew up loving those. Could this be why some of our interests overlap so?

Justwinter This must be it. In fact, I propose we create a study, linking the effects of reading Asterix & Obelisk and Tintin to the eventual excellent reading choices these people make as adults...

Leajk I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like Sweden - but yeah there was a lot of Lucky Luke going around here when I was a kid here as well.

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