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As Simple as Snow by Gregory Galloway
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Oct 21, 2009

really liked it
Recommended for: Anna Upson
Read in October, 2009

Just to let people know I am not a reader and I dont read books. But this book has to be one of the best i've read. This book focus is on Anna and her boyfriend -who is not named- and their last moments together. During this time Anna tells her boyfriend -who I will call Gregory, after the author- about a hunted place, Houdini and his tricks and codes, shortwave raidos and her obituaries that she wrote about everyone in the town. Anna would ususally send Gregory random stuff like CD's she would burn, random she would find on the streets or just postcards she send to him. But as everything was going smooth Anna dissapeared and Gregory tries to find clues to where Anna might be and tries to figure out the main question: is she still alive? If i had to pick one part about this book, i would pick the end. The end of the book doesnt have a difinative end and it ends as a clifhanger. I usually dont like clifhangers but this one was well done and you have a feeling like you want to know more about where Anna could be and see if she is dead or alive. Gregory Galloway also leaves clues in the book which are really hard to figure out. And i think that life is that way as well. You get hints in life somewhere, sometimes its right infront of you some times you have to look for it and its hard to figure out what it means but it will get you somewhere and help you to your final destination. If I had to pick one part I didnt like about this book I would say that in the middle it got a bit slow for me. It mgiht be because of the fact that it was just explaining the same thing over again or another reason but other then that I think it was a good book that I would recommend to people who like mystery books. I think that the author's style of wirting was what most would say is an easy writing or reading but i think it was really good for me. Because his style was easy but challenging at the same time.

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