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Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
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Sep 17, 10

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Okay, I admit that I have been fingering through more books lately than a blind man trying to clog a hole in a Holland dike. (Take that sentence any way you like.) And, since I have been seen carousing with so many different tomes of literature these days (if I were famous there would certainly be photos of me with said novel(s) plastered on every magazine cover from coast-to-coast) the logical conclusion is for me to betroth a novel that deals with such a scandalous topic. Now, you may be rolling your eyes and saying that this is sure to be a doomed love affair. He can't last, you might add. He doesn't have the stamina (keep your minds out of the gutter, I am talking about a classic novel here). And, you know, I cannot begrudge your insights. It is true, that of late, I have been finding comittment more and more difficult. But Leo and I are going to see if we are compatible. Call it a first date. Perhaps, a blind date. No, not the ones were two people meet at a coffee shop or mall or some cheesy restuarant that neither party really wants to be at. This blind date is more of the stalker variety. I've been doing my homework. I know things. Just don't tell my wife that she may have to share the bed for the next couple of weeks with a dead Russian that may be the greatest writer to ever pen paper and me (actually, I might be kicked out to the couch). I hope she doesn't mind the smell. More later...
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Nancy Rossman loved, loved this...I have about 200 pages left to go. OMG, it is awesome, but of course so much better phrased by you:)

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