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The Final Solution by Michael Chabon
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Oct 21, 2009

liked it

I didn't find the Final Solution "magical or entertaining" to me the story was disquieting. The writing was taut, edgy, tense, I felt some inner anxiety while reading the prose. It was about sad people, the Panicker's who take in a sad boy who though intelligent is mute and worst of all about a once great detective who has with age succumbed to the disintegration of his physical body. Michael Chabon has created an engaging but not entirely likeable story that includes the central character Sherlock Holmes or "the old man" as he is referred to in this novel. Reading this story was easy, it engages the reader with well written descriptions and passages but it also includes patched together chapters where one has to work quite hard to figure out who is talking, or where the action is taking place. You are hard pressed to identify with any of the characters when the most likeable of all is a parrot, who speaks to the reader in one of the chapters. So in review, the mystery was not the central point of the story rather it was the sad lives of all the characters that is the focus and further how their individual misery plays out to culminate in a murder and the redemption in solving it.

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