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Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates by Elizabeth Chandler
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Oct 18, 2009

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Kissed By an Angel is a re-packed edition of three short books: Kissed By an Angel, The Power of Love, and Soulmates. These books were originally published around 1995 (I can't remember the exact date.)

KISSED BY AN ANGEL: Ivy isn't into boys that way her best friend, Suzanne is, and she has too much going on in her life for a relationship anyway. Everyone keeps trying to set her up with a shy, awkward swimmer from her school named Tristan. When her mother gets married, Ivy is stuck moving in to her step-father's mansion, and her new step-brother, Gregory, has always been a jerk. She doesn't think living with him is going to help any. But it's not as bad as she thought...and neither is Tristan. When he offers to teach her how to swim, Ivy accepts, despite her near-drowning years ago as a little girl. Ivy is surprised to find Tristan sweeter and more gentle than she imagined. But when Ivy finally gives in and allows herself to fall in love, there's a horrible car accident--and Tristan doesn't survive. In rage, Ivy gives up on her faith in the angels that saved her from drowning and have guarded her all her life. Little does she know that Tristan is now one of them.

THE POWER OF LOVE: After the accident, Tristan finds himself trapped on the world with no power to touch Ivy, no power to comfort her, no ability to tell her he still loves her. Gregory's mother, Caroline, has also died recently. Tristan is helpless as Gregory and Ivy bond over their mutual losses. Then Tristan meets Lacey -- a dead movie actress who is also stuck on earth as an angel. Lacey enjoys bragging to him about her ability to materialize parts of her body, throw her voice, and send messages through "radios" -- people who are open to angels. Lacey tells Tristan that they've been stuck on earth as angels for a reason. There's a mission they need to fulfill, and they can't leave until they finish it. Though she teases him, Lacey helps him develop angelic abilities and figure out his mission. Something is wrong about the accident. It wasn't an accident at all. Now it's Tristan's job to protect Ivy and find the killer before he strikes again.

With the help of Beth, Ivy's other best friend; Will, a quiet boy at school; and Phillip, Ivy's little brother who still believes in angels, Tristan tries to warn Ivy about what he's learned. But Ivy is too pained by grief to listen. Instead, she keeps having nightmares about the accident. Gregory is the only one who seems to understand -- he holds her, soothes her, comforts her. Ivy knows that Gregory is trying to make her friend Suzanne jealous. But Gregory's touches spark emotions that Ivy never thought she'd feel again. When a stranger attacks her in their home, Gregory is the one who saves her. Maybe Ivy was wrong about him. Or maybe, Gregory is trying to lure her into a deadly trap. Tristan is learning the truth -- but when Gregory drugs Ivy and takes her out into the night, it might already be too late.

SOULMATES: Ivy can't believe she almost committed suicide. Apparently, she overdosed, and then tried to throw herself in front of an oncoming train. But her little brother Philip insists that a "dark angel" dragged her there and tried to kill her. Plus, Ivy's nightmares are getting worse. It keeps coming back to the night of the accident and a delivery she made the day before. Did she see something that she shouldn't have?

Then Beth begins receiving dark premonitions that repeatedly come true, and it seems that everyone around her, from Phillip to Beth to Will, believe Tristan hasn't left--according to them, he's her guardian angel now, and he's trying to save her. And Ivy is beginning to believe them. When she finally contacts Tristan, it's a bittersweet reunion. For the first time Ivy realizes how much danger she's in.

Gregory is growing more persistent in his touches and protectiveness. Suzanne, blinded by jealousy, thinks that Ivy is stealing Gregory away from her. And horrible things begin to happen -- Gregory's best friend turns up dead, and Ivy's cat suffers repeated injuries. As Ivy searches her memory of the days surrounding her accident and her "suicide" attempt, she begins to unravel the whole horrible mystery. Will and Tristan both struggle to protect Ivy, fighting their jealousy of each other and the dark web of lies Gregory keeps around himself. Gregory has already tried to murder her three times. The fourth time, he doesn't plan to fail.

Okay. This trilogy was not nearly as impressive or emotionally resonant as I hoped. Almost all the characters beside Gregory and Eric (his best friend) were one-dimensional. Ivy was a frustrating heroine, and Tristan a blind lover. And I'm not sure why so many "best friends" in these novels secretly dislike everything they do together. The friendship between Ivy and Suzanne was never convincing. And her mother, what is up with her mother? Is that woman blind?

Until the murder mystery picks up, this story is really on the low end of mediocre.

However, the murder mystery is done well. The web is spun very tightly and the clues come right on time, although they feel convincing. The build-up of Ivy's nightmare and Beth's premonitions work really well. The suspense gets to you, and the story manages to keep you guessing, while the sense of something dark and dangerous feels very real. I think this was the strength of the trilogy and the only reason it's worth reading. The main premise -- Tristan becoming an angel -- is explored with a decent amount of realism. Just didn't seem as important as the murder mystery.

All in all, this book has a ring of bit of old-fashioned pulp romance, which carries through into the somewhat amateurish writing. Readers might enjoy it for it's twist on angels and teen-detectives. The read is enjoyable and the final book will stick with you. I would not recommend that you try reading each book individually - if you're going to read one, you have to read them all.

3 stars.

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