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Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
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Oct 17, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: non-earth, urban-setting, fantasy

I was a bit nervous about reading this book, since PTerry (the author) had mentioned starting to be off his game a bit since his diagnosis with Alzheimer's (boo!). On the other hand, I found it refreshing.

It's a bit like [[book: Moving Pictures]] or [[book: Soul Music]] in that a phenomenon is sweeping the city of Ahnk-Morpork, or rather, has been, and both the movers and shakers (the wizards) and the little people (in this case, the various folks that keep the university running) are affected.

But the story isn't just a sports story. We also get more fantasy satire, the commentary about social classes and the fashion industry, and cameos from previous Disc characters -- Brother Oats was mentioned, Lady Margolotta makes an appearance, and we even get Rincewind out of his comfy retirement. (He gets to stay within the city bounds, this time, and in the realm of minor character.)

Plus, as I mentioned, it's nice to see the city from a new POV, that of the new characters. I like Ahnk Morpork, and as much as I like Moist and Co. and the Watch and the Wizards and Vetinari, I like seeing new things as well.

One nitpick is that the US hardcover version seems to confuse football with football -- the game mostly seems to be what America calls soccer, but the copy-writers seem to think of it like football. (Granted, the street version probably could be compared as a combination of a fight and any game whose point is 'get the ball over to one side'.)

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