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Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguié
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Oct 16, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: 2010, fantasy, fairy-tales
Read from March 24 to April 01, 2010

Out of all the fairy tales the story of the Princess and the Pea doesn't get too much limelight and I was curious to see what the retellings could make of it.

Violet is a farmgirl through and through. She is happy but lately she's been feeling unsettled. Especially this time since another storm is coming. The coming of a storm has always brought a dramatic change in her life and this last one will be no different.

Violet and Prince Richard will have their fateful meeting in one of these storms. Richard is injured during the storm and Violet and her family will nurse him back to health. The chemistry between them is instant, but she might have to lose him forever. But what can she do? She is just a farmgirl, but like always people are far more than what meets the eye. This farmgirl will have to outwit everybody to win her prince back.

I'm really pleased with how they handled it because I always thought the original story was bit stupid to tell you the truth. A whole plot about a little pea under a bunch of mattresses? Really? Not enticing to say the least. The retelling worked because Violet had to fight to be with Richard and all the competitions that were set forth actually have some meaning behind them. I actually thought the length of this book was right, unlike others books in the series when you feel a bit robbed. I did feel though it was missing.... I don't know something. But I won't harp on that because really I can't complain too much. I could sense the magic of how people make their way back to each other someway, somehow.

This is the book to pick up if you want to get lost in a fairy tale.
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Ginny Ashley complains that I read things before her, and now I'm gonna complain that YOU get to read things before me!!! Although, I can't really complain in this case, cuz I have the book from the library, so in theory I could read it right now if I wanted to. But I have another book I want to read before I get to this one!

Cara I know that happens to me all the time. I have numerous books checked out but then I have to hold off on others and then I don't get a chance to read them:( Ugh. I hope that made sense. This story was sweet and I think you'll enjoy it. It is like the other ones and keep you in a good mood. I'll have to write a review on it...later;)

Ginny I agree with your review. I liked the book, it was really cute. Although, I have to admit, I was a little frustrated with it from time to time, and I blame the fact that I've been reading longer fairy tale retellings and I guess I'm just used to a little bit more information. It's hard for me to explain exactly what I had problems with, and I suppose the number one thing that bothered me was I didn't really feel (and this may be just me) that I really got to know the characters very well. Sometimes they would say things or do things and I'd go, "huh? Now why did they say that?" But I'm probably going all crazy reader on this book and expecting more when its whole purpose is to just entertain me for a few hours. But for the most part, I really liked it. It was cute and a huge bonus point from me that I really liked: Viguié described what they looked like, hair and eye color! I was sooo glad to see that!! I've noticed I hate it when authors don't tell me their hair color and eye color cuz I have a hard time picturing them, but she did it immediately!!! Kidos to her!!! And those little romantic scenes were a plus! Usually in this series I've found there isn't a lot of that, and I really enjoyed that!!! Way cute!!!

Cara I know that's why I read them because they are cute and fast. But like you said it wasn't you. You didn't get that deep into the characters like you do in longer novels. That's why I have a hard time giving them the whole 5 stars though I really love reading them.
I actually don't really mind if they don't but that's just me. I had a phase where it really bothered me but most books are good about it. But I'm glad I read this one because you don't get to see this fairytale retold ever. Well maybe they have and I just don't know it. Thanks for turning me on to the series :D:D:D

Cara Sorry if it sounds all rambled I was talking to you at the same time when I wrote it. I know bad me.

Ginny It's ok, I got it. Haha! Yeah, I still love them, too. And you're welcome! I feel the need to thank someone for finding these. I guess I'd better go thank the library shelves for holding them for me just so I could find one and get hooked!

message 7: by Cara (last edited Apr 04, 2010 07:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cara hahah I dare you to do it!!! Say, "Thank you library shelves and if you could thank the person who suggested that you be here that would be awesome." :D

Ginny Ok, the next time I'm there, I'll do just that, and if they respond, I'll let you know what they said!

Cara Good:D I'll be awaiting your reply.

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