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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
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Oct 16, 09

Read in January, 2004

I read this about three times - by way of audio on my MP3 player. It was when I was in a 'gardening-big-time' zone.

That's when I particularly like to listen to books - when I'm working out in the front yard.

The first time I heard the story I thought it was kinda' silly, but being too lazy to take it inside and load up another audio book, I let the recording keep going.

And I liked it!

It's a sad story; kinda' humorous, but once the reader begins to realize it's to be taken seriously, it gains respect.


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message 1: by Carly (last edited Oct 16, 2009 07:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Carly Here I am replying to my own thread . . . I looked this up at Reading Group Guides. Not sure what year this thread is, but I guess I wasn't on the boards there at that time, 'cause I don't remember it - anyway, here's all that was said about The Curious Incident there . . .

Actually, it was 'mentioned' in that thread - I don't think a 'specific' thread was ever opened for the title.

Carly I checked out 'Book Talk' . . .

Can't find it there - hard to believe that the members there never discussed this book.

Maybe I'm not searching it right.

Carly Chris didn't like this much, I see . . .

His review is entertaining/interesting. Click there to see
why he didn't like it. Actually, it doesn't say WHY he
didn't like it - he just went on about the fact that he
didn't like it - a rant, so to speak.

The review was, however, enjoyable - guess that's why
he got so many responses.

He's like . . . that ranter on the radio - Howard Stern?

Read on - that is, if you want to hear about his 'kick ass
tattoos' . . . ha ha!

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