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Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
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Love That Dog

The book Love That Dog is about a boy named Jack that is shy about writing poetry because he thinks that only girls are supposed to write poetry. Jack is learning the experience about writing poetry. He thinks that writing poetry is when you use any words that rhyme and you have to put it in a way that looks like poetry. He started to write poetry, and his teacher would type up what he wrote. Jack started to love writing poetry.

“I don’t want to because boys don’t write poetry. Girls do.” This is the opening line of Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. Sharon Creech got me stuck in the book in a part when Jack was telling his story of how he lost his dog. Since I like poetry, I like this book because the book uses a lot of poetry made by real poets like William Carlos Williams, Robert Frost, William Blake, Valerie Worth, Arnold Adoff, and S.C. Rigg.

If you like books that have dogs and lots of poetry, you might also like Love That Dog which will keep you reading every day.


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