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Franz Kafka's The Castle by David Fishelson
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Oct 10, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: kafka
Read in December, 1998

„The Castle“ was the first book by Kafka I read. It was winter at that time and I had a fever, two aspects that certainly intensified this unique reading experience. The book puzzled me a lot back then and it kept me thinking and I tried to solve the mystery surrounding it.
Much has been said about the symbolism in the book; the castle and its complex system of clerks and competences, is often seen as a symbol of the horror of modern bureaucracy, K, the lonely antagonist, stands for the struggle of the individual against the society, theological connotations have been found, etc. To cut a long story short: I don’t believe that any of these theories is entirely correct. The story starts cryptic and also ends like that. We do not know if the castle authorities really assigned a land-surveyor as K claims. We do not know anything about K’s past (except for a tiny fragment) neither do we know his real name. Not only remains the castle mysterious for us, but also K himself. Nevertheless, we automatically try to find an explanation or an analysis for the events and the characters we encounter in the book. I once heard the theory, that Kafka’s texts can be seen as a kind of Rorschach-Test; every interpretation you give, reveals more about yourself than about the text. I have come to the conclusion that this might be true or at least part of the truth.
“The Castle” is the only book that managed to captivate me for such a long time. I still find myself thinking about it and dreaming of it, even though I haven’t read is again lately. I actually hope no one will come up with a comprehensible explanation or analysis of this book, because that might destroy the magic around it.
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